Project Kavvaii Launches Official Webtoon of Lunetide Generation: Here's How It's Done

Only on NewsDrop: We take you behind-the-scenes of the webtoon's creative direction and insights from the people that have worked on the piece.

Project Kavvaii, a VTuber project supported by airasia, has officially launched a webtoon series focusing on the talents of its Lunetide generation, composed of Airi Gwynevere and Mikazuki Mai. The series, titled Lunetide Bewitched, is currently live with two episodes out on Webtoons and Tapas. The series is also made in collaboration with Kolam Susu Studio.

We take you behind-the-scenes of the webtoon's creative direction and insights from the people that have worked on the piece.

On The Storytelling Direction

For Naomi Arsyad, producer and writer for the Lunetide Bewitched series, while they have written multiple webtoons in the post, this project was new for them since they have to craft a new storyline for both Mai and Gwyn, as well as the supporting characters in this story.

"Developing Lunetide Bewitched is something quite new in the sense that it is not exactly original because Mai and Gwyn are already well-known on the internet, but the story, world-building, and supporting characters are something we produce from scratch."

Lunetide Bewitched - Visual

"We want to tell a heartwarming, witty story that also reflects Mai and Gwyn's interactions with the audiences as VTubers–with the customers as the representations of the audience. It is certainly a new approach in webtoon scenes these days, but hopefully, it is as enjoyable for general webtoon enthusiasts as it is for Mai and Gwyn’s fans!"

Meanwhile, Aiko, the series' director and art director, expressed that she has been a long fan of VTubers, including Mai and Gwyn herself. With this, she stated that this helped her in deciding what kind of messages and visuals are suitable for both Mai and Gwyn’s fans and comic lovers in general, in fantasy/comedy/slice-of-life.

Initial sketches for the Lunetide Bewitched key visuals

"The biggest challenge is translating how Mai & Gwyn looks in comic forms–because of course there needs to be a simplification from their stream looks for the dynamic of their movement but they need to be recognizable, so I keep their original outfits and accessories. I keep their personalities for the comic characters as well, how Gwyn is the lovely and chatty one while Mai is a more adventurous one," she explained.

Aiko also added, "For Bewitched–the bar where the girls work is also an important element of the development. It is a representation of their stream room–somewhere cozy to chat and interact (with the customers). A classic building in the middle of modern society with a touch of magic because here is where all the magic happens–literally since the portal and Gwyn’s potion station is also here, but also figuratively for everyone who comes here feels happier and finds a place to belong."

On The Art Behind The Series

For the series' background designer Tri Asrie Khalidya, their work with the series is their first webtoon work, as well as the first time seeing VTubers being the main stars of such work.

"Designing Bewitched had its own challenge–someplace intriguing yet not too stands out. Someplace warm and modern with a touch of magic. It was indeed a remarkable experience to be involved and I hope the audience enjoyed the story and the visuals," Asrie said.

Various color explorations for Mikazuki Mai and Airi Gwynevere for the Lunetide Bewitched webtoon

Meanwhile, line artist Pika shared their experience in working in the series, stating, "It was a challenging project to translate Mai, Gwyn, and the story into line art, but the story is really intriguing, and the team I work with is really talented. So it is one fine journey to be able to draw from great storyboards and watch it turn into pretty visuals after!"

For background artist Gon, creating the background from the design was a highlight, stating, "Looking at Mai & Gwyn’s dynamics with the magical characters and how they discover new worlds in each episode is fun. As someone who’s into Vtubers culture, I am so happy to be a part of this project!"

Lastly, background artist Anita Ilma Navia commented, "Bewitched gave me a new point of view about how the story can be delivered to the mass audience, specifically by the background and settings. the idea of a bar connecting every living being into adventures of unraveling fantasies with Mai and Gwyn is uber cool and would be nice to have it in real life."

We thank the team at Project Kavvaii for the interview opportunity with the creative team behind this webtoon series. "Lunetide Bewitched" is currently live with two episodes out on Webtoons and Tapas.