Sad State of Agency VTubing?: February 2024 Digest

WACTOR/910inc, NIJISANJI EN crisis, Eilene vs. H.Live, VReverie, Project Kavvaii, Copium Merch... What a year. (It's just March)

Congratulations, you have survived February 2024. Where do we exactly start from here?

A lot of things have happened this month, and as you have noticed, we are not able to catch up with them one by one.

Cap things off with a terrible crisis which have polarized the scene, and I decided that VTuber NewsDrop takes a break for a few days - complete with a minor typo (admittedly so).

NewsDrop's break was put in place to keep objectivity in check. That's how critical that break was, in light of what's happened over at NIJISANJI EN.

An editorial was released upon my return, which sets my position on the crisis they are facing, and set a precedent on how intolerant we are with poor talent management:

ANYCOLOR, you have cultivated far more bad actors in the scene because of your mistakes. The pent-up folks aren’t stopping either, with demands for accountability and a lack of trust in their hands. Again, this is what bad management does to you, your talents and your audience.

We are back to catch up with the news and provide you a recap of what has happened over the last 29 days of February in this already overwhelming leap year.

Some topics contain critically sensitive themes, reader discretion is advised.