VTuber Agency Sedai One Closes Operations

Sedai One, a VTuber agency catering to the Spanish-speaking audience, has abruptly ended its operations, removing its YouTube and X pages in the process. This comes after one of their talents, Aono Nemo, left the agency Tuesday, October 31.

In a statement posted on X before its account gets removed, Sedai One's director general Argent Moon stated that it will suspend its activities indefinitely and permanently, respectfully asking everyone to avoid rumors and speculation towards the talents and anyone associated with the company.

It also adds that the fate of currently active talents will be communicated individually on their respective social media pages. The agency thanks their loyal audience, valued staff and talents for their dedication and effort in cultivating a united and diverse community.

The agency started operations in July 2021 with the debut of Anastasia White. One of their popular talents was Lily Endou, who graduated on September 2. Meanwhile, Anastasia White and Eiwy Fley will continue their VTubing activities independently.