Shiki Miyoshino Debuts First Single "Hanahaki Syndrome"

The PRISM Project talent is now a recording artist under Sony Music Labels

PRISM Project agent Shiki Miyoshino is one step closer to fulfilling one of her big goals to release a full album, as she announces her major debut with Sony Music Labels for her first digital single, Hanahaki Syndrome.

The occultic inugami's first major foray as a recording artist explores a fictional "Hanahaki Syndrome" in which an individual suffering from unrequited love coughs up flower petals.

Miyoshino can't help but to be excited for the release of this single:

"I’m excited and humbled for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that PRISM Project and Sony Music are giving me!

"As a Sony Music artist, I’m looking forward to promoting my content and bringing my message to the entire world, and ensuring that all my fans continue to find an appreciation for feeling alive through horror and the occult.

"My debut single definitely reflects that—it’s super spooky and everything I could’ve hoped for in a major debut song, so I hope everyone will listen to it!"

US-based composer GHOST who participated in the project, had a lot of fun creating the single: "[...] I was delighted to try something a little different from my usual music."

Shiki Miyoshino's Hanahaki Syndrome is set to be released July 12, 2023, and the PRISM agent is set to share more details regarding her major debut in another stream. For the meantime, here's a teaser posted on her YouTube channel:

Source: Press Release / Sony Music Entertainment Japan