Shirayuri Production Officially Disbands Following Recent CEO Stepdown

The agency shutdown comes recently after the recent stepdown of CEO Ancho due to health-related issues.

Another long-running US-based VTuber agency closes its doors—this time, the agency Shirayuri Production has made this update, following the recent stepdown of its CEO and producer AnchoP around the latter part of October this year.

According to the agency, following Ancho's recent stepdown for their role as well as various internal factors that affected the already limited staff it had, they have decided alongside the talents mutually that it would be best for the entity to cease operations.

"Over much discussion, we have come to the conclusion that we are unable to continue as we are. We have existed for three years as a group entirely made up of volunteers, and it is a model that is no longer sustainable for us. We must always prioritize health and well-being over anything, and as it stands, we cannot meet expectations without sacrificing the well-being of our staff and talents."

It has since thanked fans for supporting them and their talents over those years, and that the fans will continue to support their talents in whatever path they take moving forward.

  • Following the agency's shutdown, all of the current talents will be retaining their persona, intellectual properties, as well as all of their social media platforms (including YouTube, X/Twitter, Twitch, and personal Discord channels.
  • Moreover, the agency added that their main Discord server will 'remain running' for a currently undetermined amount of time.

Its current talent lineup: Nyaru, Yoro Yoyo, Tatsurii, Kohana Amano, and Lavi F. Arseille; have all released their separate announcements regarding the shutdown, with a shared message that all of them will switch into independent VTubing activities.

The agency's then-CEO Ancho announced earlier in October that they stepped down from their role due to their recent aortic surgery around the end of September this year.

Shirayuri Production was founded in April 2020 as one of Ancho's passion projects. It now joins a slew of VTuber agencies who have recently shut down, including Tsunderia.