Sony Music Entertainment Japan’s VEE Project Introduces Fifth Wave ‘Dev-e’

This is VEE Project's fifth wave, adding up to a total of 21 talents under said VTuber project.

VEE Project, one of the many VTuber projects under Sony Music Entertainment Japan, has announced the debut of its fifth wave called ‘Dev-e’. Three new VTubers will join VEE’s growing number of talents under its portfolio.

Ameniwa Yae is described as a “guardian dog of Amenawa Shrine”. Her lore describes her “being able to enjoy the human world by possessing the bodies of shrine maidens on a daily basis”.

  • As part of her urban legend, Yae can disappear if people forget to visit her shrine–hence she wants to stream in order to raise awareness of her shrine.
  • In her Twitter profile, she mentions that on the first day, only a cat visited while on the second day, an old couple visited the shrine.

Meanwhile, Geppaku Lui’s lore has a much darker tone, with her being described only being kept alive by her disease called Lost Children which cannot be recognized by others without digital tools.

  • This cold and eerie lore is very much reflected on her personality as being calm and resolved. For instance, this poetic tweet from her says she “felt like I was in the middle of the sea sink into the depths” after seeing the sunlight enter her room.
  • Also, this video. Yeah, just…no words.

Lastly, Kokuyou Lira is the one getting the most hype among ‘Dev-e’, with many fans commenting on her ‘mommy’ aura. Described as a daughter of a certain salamander clan, Lira has a history of burning down towns, and was punished by being forced to live in an old shabby house. While in punishment, she grew interest for soccer and has started to stream in order to create a place where she can listen to the problems of humans and share her hobbies with them.

  • Her Twitter feed can be seen with retweets for English audiences surprisingly, mostly memes about her menacing aura.
  • As she shares the same illustrator with Hololive English’s Ceres Fauna, many pointed that she is like the ‘mommy version’ of Fauna.

You can check out their debut schedule and social links below:

In total, Dev-e’s addition puts the VEE talent count at 21, almost halfway to its over 50 talent count.