Sony Music Virtual's VEE Project Unveils Sixth Wave ‘Dev-f’

This is VEE Project's sixth wave, adding up to a total of 24 talents under one of Sony Music Virtual's VTuber projects.

Sony Music Entertainment Japan (SMEJ) has officially unveiled the sixth wave of its VEE Project VTuber arm, named 'Dev-f', at Comiket 102 in Tokyo. Just like the previous two waves, three more VTuber talents are now added to VEE's growing talent base.

The new talents are namely Linon Amakomo, Anshinin Misa, and Kanra Deity. The trio of new VEE Project talents will debut starting August 19.

In total, Dev-e’s addition puts the VEE talent count at 24, almost halfway to its over 50 talent count.

Meet The Talents

Linon Amakomo

Her lore is described as being "a fake delinquent girl who wants to be a VSinger". She goes on to say that despite these aspirations, she is still a shut-in.

  • Her character illustrator is Tometa Ohara, who also did the character rdesign for NIJISANJI EN's Millie Parfait.
  • She had already proven her point in her quest as a VSinger by already releasing a cover of YOASOBI's Idol. Talk about releasing a cover even before the debut!

Debut Time: August 19, 2023 (21:00, JST)
YouTube | Twitter

Anshinin Misa

Despite her regal look, her lore basically describes her as a country bumpkin who moved into Tokyo to establish an organization to teach others on finding their own peace through prayers, meditation, art, and music.

  • Interestingly, her Twitter account is the oldest being made from the new generation, with her first tweet dating back to July 20.
  • Prior to her debut, a sneak peek of her model rigging was already released, and of course in true VTuber fashion, there's always room for thigh focus.

Debut Time: August 19, 2023 (21:45, JST)
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Kanra Deity

Yet another VSinger among the new generation, Deity's lore is described as someone using her voice to inspire others after being betrayed by a divine entity.

  • Her illustrator is the popular Japanese artist Kurone Mishima, known for her illustrations in the KonoSuba and Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor light novels. There was even a sweet interaction between Deity and Mishima, with Deity expressing that she did not expect Mishima to become her VTuber artist. The talent also loves the character Aqua from KonoSuba.
  • Deity can speak three languages: Japanese, English, and French. She even freaked out a bit when NIJISANJI EN's Vezalius Bandage—who also speaks French—followed her on Twitter.

Debut Time: August 19, 2023 (22:30, JST)
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Source: VEE Project Press Release, Official Twitter