ASHA's Indie VTuber Journey

Virtual gynoid ASHA discusses her growth in the scene, and her belief that the connections she made with her community is what keeps them engaged.

Gynoid ASHA made considerable developments upon becoming an independent talent last year. Alongside getting introduced to the fighting game community, she grew her following to around 1,900 Twitch followers and have received around 17,000 hours of watch time last year.

ASHA is put on the Spotlight to know more about her developments, how thankful she is for her community, and her message to fellow aspiring VTubers.


  • ASHA is doing her best grinding through her VTuber hustle and making rounds all over the community, to a point that people from select communities have found her.
    • Having an awesome community motivates ASHA to create content, push herself out of the comfort zone and entertain others, she says.
  • Being an indie VTuber is no joke, but it's very rewarding to see people smile. They were the ones who encourage her to pursue her passion in music and production.
    • She adds, "Having people to back you up, enjoying and listening to you give you this vibe that you’re not alone. How can I stop myself from grinding when you have this much support in your community?"
  • Her first Tekken tourney following her indie debut was the first instance of exposing herself to the fighting game scene. She had a blast having organized the said event, which she considers one of the biggest events she has organized.
    • If she was to play Tekken, she'd play as Nina, Alisa or Lucky Chloe.
  • At the end of the day, ASHA would appreciate being treated as their friend, saying she would not want to be put on top of a pedestal.
    • She understands her authenticity is what makes her community stick with her.
  • If she were to give advice to her past self, she'd told her that it gets better: "Life has not been daijobu for little old ASHA, she was figuring life out and it’s not always a great day for her, and I remember all the time that she was struggling with just where she wanted to be, or what she wanted to do… As long as she strives to be a better person, everything’s gonna be OK."
  • Her words on learning the indie VTuber grind: "Being exposed to this type of industry is something I’ve never expected to be part of, because I wasn’t interested to be a VTuber in the first place. When it’s for you, it’s for you. To just keep striving and do whatever the heck you love."
  • ASHA also talks about her 2.0 model and why it is so special for her.

This is the second Spotlight to have its own audio format, and for the first time, you can watch the interview on YouTube.