Spotlight: Lilybelle on How to Diversify Variety Content as a VTuber

NewsDrop sat down with Lilybelle to learn her perspective on diversifying her VTubing content, including the return of her VTuber Radio series.

The world of indie VTubing is home to many diverse VTuber talents out there experimenting in their own style of content. Whether you do true crime content or even doing live mixes on stream, there is so much to explore content-wise in the indie scene.

But what about experimenting with almost everything on your own?

This is exactly what indie VTuber Lilybelle has been doing for the past three years. For her, it has always been fun experimenting with a variety of content, especially with her own VTuber-music oriented show VTuber Radio finally making its comeback following her VStream debut.

In our latest Spotlight, NewsDrop sat down with Lilybelle to learn her perspective on diversifying her VTubing content, the return of her VTuber Radio series, and even a quick chat about the creation process of her two original songs!

Impressions on Kickstarting the VTubing Journey

Q: What was the first thing in your mind when you started VTubing?

Lilybelle: The first thing in my mind when I started VTubing is how in love I was with my character. Lilybelle started out as a travel photographer, but due to my branding being so strong with the airline theme, I had to change it.

I still get a lot of misunderstandings on what I am exactly, an airline mascot, but I don't care because I love Lilybelle so much. She is just wild and free and all the parts of me that remind me that there's more to life out there than the "traditional" method of life success.

Q: If you could sum up your content into one word, what would it be and why?

Lilybelle: Wild. I'm a variety streamer, so there's already a sort of "Russian Roulette" with my stuff. But on top of that, I like to boast about the level of creativity within it. I'm not a gamer in the slightest, so when I'm playing games, it's always filled with unexpected moments of failure and hilarity.

Diversity of VTubing Content

Q: Given the diversity of content you do across your VTubing career, which one of those content you specifically enjoy the most?

Lilybelle: My favorite type of content are shows. A lot of VTubers have started doing shows to market themselves more and include more people in collabs.

Weekly shows, Bi-weekly segments, they're all a lot of fun and I really enjoy the ones I started doing recently on VStream.

But I've been doing my Wet Stream "show" every so often since the first year I started VTubing, and that's been my most successful. My newest one is called "Mimosa Mondays" on VStream, where one can call in to a phone number and share gossip with me or ask for my opinion about something. The twist is I speak the entire time in a very obvious valley girl accent and usually that leads to just a blast of a time.

Q: Let's talk about your 'VTuber Radio' initiative. How did this idea come into fruition?

Lilybelle: VTuber Radio was an idea I had when I realized that I was spending too much time away from my community while working my other full-time job. I wanted to stream and be with them but couldn't dedicate my entire day to it.

At that same time, while I was struggling to balance it all, I found myself listening to VTuber music all day while I had worked. My favorite popular VTuber cover song is "Phony." And I would just be building this list of my favorite covers. Why not put it together?

Fefe has this amazing Punk Rock Radio (also an inspiration to me), why not make this VTuber Radio show and get to show off all this great music by everyone, my favorite covers, and have some time to be with my community while working? It really was a win-win for everyone.

Q: As you resume VTuber Radio on VStream, what can fans expect from it?

Lilybelle: Fans can expect a more hands-on experience, included with some Lilybelle News (a smaller new segment I enjoy doing) and some more consistency with my little funny ad inputs. In terms of the music itself, there's always so many new covers and originals to get through, it's never a bore at 'Lilybelle Presents, VTuber Radio'.

Original Songs

Q: Let's proceed with discussing your original tracks. Can you explain the creative process and meaning behind "Is It Me?"

Lilybelle: Oh man, "Is It Me?" is so fun. The music came first. Sasaki and Genesis are great friends, both talented producers, and Sasaki had reached out to me to work on something together. I was honored!

I don't have many originals. They're just difficult to create and I'm not at that skill level. So, I was ecstatic to be considered to work with for something like that. It took a bit of time to get everything together, but I loved the song once I got it.

I remembered thinking that all these city pop songs were about love and I wanted to play on that, and then the melody and lyrics wrote themselves. Nothing better about love than being so in love you want them all to yourself, right? Not like they'd go after anyone else, right? RIGHT?

Playing on the Tsundere idea for this song felt brilliant to me. It felt so fun and creative and interesting. Anyways, I wrote all the melody and lyrics in one night, sent them nervously to them that same night, and got it approved immediately after.

Q: For "3AM", how did the production and creative process went alongside ECKZOH?

Lilybelle: For 3AM, working with ECKZOH was a bit different. Eckzoh has plenty of wonderful works on hand for people to pick from and work with him on, actually. I liked this track specifically because I had never worked with a genre like this. It felt upbeat but not too "pop." Can't explain it much more.

Due to my inexperience with this genre though, I asked for someone to write melody and lyrics, and Eckzoh brought Yaya on board. They're great professionals and whipped it out pretty quickly! I remember them asking me how naughty they can be with the lyrics, and immediately I was excited.

It was definitely my type of lyrics. I had more trouble working with the type of singing as I am usually belting out jazz, but I'm glad I got to learn from both of them to produce a song completely different and grow my range.

A Frank Advice for Aspiring VTubers

Q: As with all interviews we've done, what advice can you give for aspiring VTubers?

Lilybelle: Some advice for aspiring it's difficult. That's part of the advice. It is difficult. If you can remember that and try to remind yourself that everyone is going through that same thing, you will feel less alone.

Other parts of advice seem really obvious, but people often forget. There is a low barrier to entry for VTubing, but it is incredibly difficult to grow. Not everyone is cut out for VTubing, and that's okay. Learn how to network and use your opportunities correctly. Treat everyone like a human being. And don't stick your nose in other people's business unnecessarily.

VTubing is not "like high school" if you don't surround yourself with "high school mindset" people, and if you don't have it yourself. VTubing, like all other art/entertainment-driven hobbies or careers, is driven with so much love. Let that drive you.

We thank Lilybelle for sharing her insights about her VTubing journey. You can be updated to her upcoming content by checking out her official YouTube, Twitch, and VStream pages. You can also be updated with her latest happenings on her official X (formerly Twitter) page.