Zone Check One and Its Quest to Boost VTuber Productivity Through Consultancy

NewsDrop spoke to founders Noira and Vin regarding their insights on consultancy within the VTubing space, and what they offer.

As the VTubing industry begins to grow, we see a steady growth of the consulting services within the scene. From in-house agency teams busy on their own talents' logistics and marketing strategies, to independent creators offering their managerial services; all of these are part of the growing consulting ecosystem to aid VTuber growth.

However, not many VTubers, especially those who seek to make their VTubing stint a growing career, are actively seeking ways to make their journey more streamlined and easier for them. In other words, there is a need for new external consultancies that will handle the so-called 'nitty-gritty' business in VTubing.

Zone Check One is a newly-established freelance consulting, management, and production agency that specializes in digital entertainment, more specifically among VTubers. Some of its offered services include one-off consultation sessions, creating brand strategy proposals, short-term management contracts, talent project management, and production support for content creation.

Zone Check One - Promotional Video

The agency, founded by indie VTuber Noira and her manager Vin, aims to bring more into the VTubing space, more specifically more room for content and branding innovation: without the compromise for the talent's own brand, personality, or authenticity.

At the moment, Zone Check One has signed in VTubers KiraKiraKat, Ishy Tanuki, and Noira herself. The agency has also been involved in several projects such as hosting Apex Legends and Overwatch tournaments, and the founders too have been in the digital entertainment industry for at least 5 years.

NewsDrop has caught up with Noira and Vin to learn more about their insights in the growth of the VTubing space, and how consultancies like them help bring new strategies to VTubers.

On The Role of VTubing Consultancy

In your words, what is the role of a VTuber consultant?

The role of a consultant, in any capacity, is to provide guidance and direction with the client's best interests in mind. For VTubing, this would involve aspects such as branding, content roadmapping, business development, and a sustainable implementation strategy that takes your current lifestyle into account.

As the market for VTuber-related consulting is slowly growing, what do you think are the strengths the agency is capable of showing to potential clients?

VTubing has a lot of uncharted waters, and we would love to explore it through our standards of creativity, vision, and professionalism. We aim to provide a fresh perspective on content creation and brand building in the digital entertainment space.

However, we also understand that not all content creators are willing to be under long-term contracts or work within rigid frameworks. Therefore, we ensure to deliver our services in a freelance manner, making it essential that our work doesn't diminish our clients' authenticity nor restrict their own freedom to create. We want to be that background support for independent creators.

Challenging the Status Quo

As new players in the VTubing consulting space, what are your characteristics that separate you from, say, existing managers and collectives in the community?

At ZCO, we never follow the same recipe. Instead, we cater to each creator's specific needs by bringing clarity to their vision and enriching it with our own experiences, suggestions, and ideas.

Rather than telling creators what to do, we listen and ask the right questions. This is how we maintain authenticity for our clients. Once the vision is clear, we provide the necessary resources and structures to support its achievement. We're not claiming to be better than others, but we can confidently say that our approach is quite different.

Insights on Public Opinion About VTubing Advice

There have been concerns lately about the abundance of VTuber advice from entities that don't seem to reflect their current growth. As someone who will be dabbling in that space, how do you address this issue and establish a sense of credibility in the community?

The same advice doesn’t work as effective for everyone, as people have different experiences and circumstances. Therefore, public advice should always be taken with a grain of salt.

At ZCO, we view creators as individual brands and evaluate them accordingly by listening to them. Our team has experience in the startup world as well as various industries and disciplines, and we’re brought together by our passion for content creation.

We won’t give streaming-specific advice. Instead, we will talk about how you may grow as a brand within the digital entertainment industry and the possible ways in which you may thrive through your defining uniqueness as you move forward.

How will you communicate this brand of yours? How do you make sure your brand sifts through all the noise? What is your brand? We believe this is the fresh perspective most content creators need.

A Free Advice for VTuber Growth

To conclude, what is one free advice you can give to current VTubers in terms of wanting growth in the space?

Practice content creation with the best intentions in mind, and be purposeful with it. Creating content you don’t enjoy is unsustainable, and merely following trends will only get you so far. Defaulting to what everyone else is doing is easy, but there’s so much uncharted waters to explore—why not give it a shot?

We thank Noira and Vin for their valuable time to share their insights about the growing VTubing consulting space.

Learn more about Zone Check One (ZCO), their services and future announcements from their official website as well their Twitter page.