Star Nijisanji Unit Luxiem Finally Reveal 2.0 Outfits to Massive Fanfare

NIJISANJI's star group Luxiem have finally gotten their 2.0 outfits, debuting in a massive relay on April 22.

It took nearly 18 months, but Nijisanji EN’s star unit Luxiem have finally gotten updated outfits from the models they debuted way back in December 2021.

Announced in a quick teaser on April 21 featuring silhouettes of the five new designs (by design, according to Luca Kaneshiro), it barely gave fans time to prepare for the debut set for the next day.

However, they came out in droves with some of the biggest viewership for an outfit relay in VTubing’s history. Combined the five male stars reached 400,000 max viewers, including an average CCV north of 70,000 across the 2.5-hour event.

Luca debuted first with his new mafia boss fit being introduced with a visual novel-style opener. The iconic white coat has been traded in for a sleek black fit, hiding a sleeveless singlet and all of the contraptions a man of his stature would need.

Most excitingly of all—both for fans and the VTubers themselves⁠—was Mysta Rias and Shu Yamino finally being able to put their arms down. Having held the same pose for more than a year, their new models are rigged with arms up and down positions.

The relay was rounded out by Vox Akuma and Ike Eveland who also presented new projects on top of the outfits. Vox had a fully-fleshed out lore video to open his presentation, while Ike sent everyone off to yet another surprise cover of Itsuwari Neurose by MY FIRST STORY.

All of the Luxiem members expressed their joy at finally getting their long-awaited 2.0 outfits.

I’m so happy,” Luca said after the relay. “Honestly, that first draft was literally in July last year. We were just told it was ready when it was ready.

When staff came to me and showed the draft illustration for this new look, I told them to change literally nothing,Vox added in his own follow-up stream. “It was perfect… this was so satisfying for me. It was an incredible experience to see this come to life.

Now refreshed, the entire generation is ready to take on 2023 and keep riding the hype wave.

With this new outfit and the renewed attention on Luxiem, we’ve been given a brand-new chance and a fresh start,” Vox said. “I’m so excited to put my best foot forward and keep trying my very best.