Tamaki Inuyama Takes Short Break from Streaming

VTuber suspends activities due to health problems

Tsukudani Norio Production's Tamaki Inuyama has announced that he is taking a short break for a while, in a video posted Monday, January 2.

  • Inuyama stated that he is showing signs of stress-induced alopecia and early symptoms of stress bronchial asthma, leading to her decision to suspend activities while the disease is in its early stages. He said that insomnia is getting worse as well.
  • He also gave a brief recap of NoriPro in 2022, where he has often worked hard for some extra happy announcements to make up for the sad news they've released over the past year.
  • He admits that he doesn't want to take a hiatus at all; but in order to be able to work hard again, he has to take a break to rest, which many encourage him to do so.
  • General streams will be suspended, but upcoming sponsored streams as well as the Nori-Nori Radio! program on Bunka Hoso A&G+ where he is a host will proceed as usual.
  • During the break, past editions of the radio show will be posted on YouTube each week alongside random videos.
  • He will announce his return to streaming on Twitter.
Banner Photo: Tamaki Inuyama on YouTube