This Land Is My Land

The indigenous simulator with a very realistic approach.

This Land is My Land is an interesting online service game (you can also play the game offline) that pits you as a chief of an indigenous group that's trying to take back the land from colonizers that have come to take it.


The game is an open-world that's set in the wild west. You start off with a small group of workers with little to no weapons at all that you MUST craft using materials you find around the open world. You can also send your tribe members to gather materials or hunt animals for their pelts.

You start off by picking your spirit animal (and also what is possibly your doom?), this gives you a passive buff of sorts as you play the game. You go through the game by completing objectives and ensuring that your land remains your land by capturing enemy camps and focus points that further advance your story.

Each camp gives you resources to help your tribe, stuff like food, drinks, medicine and weapons as well as traps and crafting materials to make more guns or other things.

The game also has a stealth option that allows you to take down your enemies from afar using bows or sneak up on enemies and interrogate them for information regarding their ally camps as well as who the leader of said camp is.


4/5 skulls

The game is plenty OK to kill time and is definitely fun to play.

Would I recommend streaming it? Maybe, there're things to keep in mind like resource gathering, your hunger and thirst as well as what body part is injured and what not. Even though I don't usually play games like these, it was definitely quite a fun game to kill time.

Would I recommend others to play this? If you like a conquest like Rust-inspired game? By all means, give this game a shot.

Like I said, I don't usually play these games and they usually go a while before I lose interest, but I definitely enjoyed playing this and wouldn't mind revisiting every now and then to capture some camps and make my tribe stronger.

This Land is My Land

Game description on Steam: "Experience the frontier as a chief of a Native American tribe and resist the onset of the settlers. Explore the vast world full of hostile humans and animals while defining your narrative through the decisions you make."

Available on Steam

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