Twitch to Now Allow Partners to Stream to Rival Streaming Platforms

Streaming platform clarifies that partners cannot stream simultaneously to rival platforms

Popular streaming platform Twitch has now announced that streamers signed into the platform as Twitch Partners can now stream to rival streaming platforms available like YouTube and Facebook Gaming. This marks one of Twitch’s biggest moves this year, effectively putting an end to its partner exclusivity clause.

Through its FAQ page, Twitch also encourages its streamers to also promote their Twitch livestreams on other rival platforms as well. However, Twitch clarified that they won’t allow simultaneous streams i.e. hosting your Twitch stream to rival streaming platforms. Once their Twitch stream ends, they can proceed to stream to other streaming platforms their partner is on.

The move is especially relevant for the larger VTubing community, considering the rising number of VTubers hosting their streams on the platform to get a ‘Twitch Partner’ status. In addition, Twitch remains a dominant choice of streaming service for most VTubers this year.

In the latest Spring 2022 VTuber Census conducted by the VTuber Network, over 1,000 VTubers say that Twitch is where they most host their content creation, dwarfing other online platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and even TikTok.

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash