Twitch Updates Announced at TwitchCon Las Vegas 2023

VTubers on Twitch: Learn the latest updates from Twitch which you definitely need to know.

Fresh from the opening ceremony of TwitchCon Las Vegas 2023, here is a quick recap of what's announced.

  • Stories are already available for partners & affiliates, offering another way for creators to update their audiences outside streams.
  • Featured Clips / Clips Editor are already being used, and Vertical Clips will be included on the Discovery Feed soon.
  • Guest Star is now called Stream Together, with the ability to have a maximum of 6 streamers in one overlay. Audio mode and filmstrip display will also be made available soon.
  • You can list down your favorite streamers and let them know if you're open for collaborations with them.
  • Twitch Alerts / Celebrations: Option to add animated emotes to Twitch Alerts coming soon, slots for animated emotes will be doubled for partners & affiliates. They are also working on new alerts for 3rd-party actions like tipping.
  • Ads: Ad countdown timer will be visible to mods, letting them snooze it.
  • Safety: Off-service conduct policy update—Doxxing and swatting now included in behaviors they will enforce against. Prior to this, the recent update disallowing banned users to watch streams has been announced.
  • Channel-level Chat Warnings: The ability to send anonymous mod messages will be added early next year.
  • Embed policy will be updated to prevent auto-playing when the Twitch stream is not a substantive or meaningful component of the page.
  • Simulcasting policy: Creators on Twitch will be allowed to simulcast on any streaming service.

More details regarding these updates are posted on the Twitch blog.