Unnämed and Shoto Serenade Thousands In Invincible Melody Concert

U-san and Shoto put on the show of their dreams with a two-hour 3D concert at Invincible Melody: Phase of Euphoria.

It was always Unnämed’s dream to perform a concert in front of thousands as their VTuber self. And now, the Japanese star has done just that, bringing along partner-in-crime Shoto for two show-stopping performances at Invincible Melody: Phase of Euphoria.

After the concert was delayed in November 2023, the two finally got the show on the road on February 25 in Bangkok, Thailand.

In-person tickets were sold out at the Siam Pavalai Royal Grand Theatre, and thousands more watched online, posing with laptops and penlights on Twitter.

U-san and Shoto treated fans to a two-hour performance featuring original music like Erased and Flower, as well as covers of songs like Overdose (natori), Odo (Ado), and Say So (Rainych's Japanese version).

There was a nod to the Thai crowd with Algorhythm Project trio ORION's Escape From The Sky getting the U-san treatment, much to the joy of the members watching along. And the duo even got into a couple of duets, ending both concerts with iconic Japanese city-pop tune Stay With Me.

It was also the first time U-san had played their new original song Memories of Mine, which was then released to the world hours after the concert.

“Two years ago, I started streaming [because] I wanted to release my music even when I was alone,” U-san said after the concert. “I sold all [my instruments], outfits, just everything except my headphones and cigarettes. 

“I was a terrible streamer with bad English but thank you for being here and [waiting for] me to improve myself.”

Shoto also reminisced on the trip on March 1 in his return stream from Thailand.

“I had a lot of fun,” he said. “Thailand was quite the experience. You guys are so welcoming and it felt magical.

“If I didn’t have someone to do it with me, I probably wouldn’t have done the concert. The fact they asked both me and U-san to do it made me so relieved because honestly, I would have said no.

“I’m glad it was U-san because U-san puts a lot of care and effort into the things they work on as much as I do. This is the perfect person to do it with.”

Shoto and U-san’s concert is one of the biggest events put on by independent VTubers ⁠— and there were plenty of friends in attendance, including Matara Kan and Kuro Kurenai from VShojo.

“Last night felt surreal,” Matara said. “Seeing a 3D performance and concert like this without a big corporate backing, but still involving the hard work of so many people! Excited for the future of the industry but also these two goobers.”

If you missed it, the two Invincible Melody performances will remain viewable until March 10. After that, they will be unarchived.