South Korea's ILLUSTAR FES to Guest Musician Unnämed this May

U-reis in South Korea are in for the virtual musician's first event collaboration, featuring merch and a theme cafe on the weekend of May 4 and 5.

Popular virtual musician Unnämed has announced that they will grace the 4th ILLUSTAR FES in South Korea this May.

U-san has released a video message in English (with Korean subtitles) published on the YouTube page of Korean VTuber news portal VROZ:

U-san was very happy to participate in the South Korean event, considering that they grew up in the said country. A Korean version of the said greeting video was also released hours after.

Collaboration Merch and Cafe Between ILLUSTAR FES and Unnämed Revealed

VROZ also reports that limited-edition goods will be available at the said event, including acrylic standees, photo card sets, can badges, and lap blankets. These feature the illustrations of Noong and MENNA. However, U-san also drew their can badge illustrations as a surprise.

A collaboration cafe will also be held there, with details revealed Saturday, April 20. A survey for overseas participants is open for inputs.

U-san approached ILLUSTAR FES on X/Twitter asking if they can perform at the event and show their appreciation to their Korean fans (U-rei) directly. This marks the virtual singer's first participation in a South Korean event.


Image from ILLUSTAR FES on X/Twitter

STARLIKE Inc., producer of the rhythm game Sixtar Gate and Korean licensee of Crypton Future Media's Vocaloid Hatsune Miku launched ILLUSTAR FES in January 2023 to serve as a hub for Hatsune Miku fans.

Photo: VROZ

Their second event held October of the same year hosted a VirtuALL STAR VTuber zone featuring . They were able to invite hololive DEV_IS' ReGLOSS stars Hiodoshi Ao and Otonose Kanade alongside Korean male VTuber group RE:REVOLUTION at their third event last February.

Aside from VTubers, ILLUSTAR FES also has dedicated segments related to indie games, indie idols and the Touhou subculture. Organizers expect around 40,000 people will gather at Ilsan KINTEX 1 halls 2 to 3 for the 4th edition.

More information about ILLUSTAR FES happening on the weekend of May 4 to 5 is available on its official website (Korean).