Upcoming VTuber Agency NEXAS Launched

Angel investors who supported major Japanese VTuber agencies in its early days are backing this upcoming agency

forCreators Pte. Ltd. announces the launch of NEXAS, an upcoming VTuber agency which will operate in the North American market soon.

The agency is backed by several angel investors who participated in the funding round, including early investors in major VTuber agencies in Japan as well as early contributors in the VTuber and virtual human industries:

  • Yuzuru Honda (Founder of FreakOut Holdings, Inc. who also has investments in ANYCOLOR)
  • Takahiro Hayashi (Co-CEO of HEROZ, Inc. who also has investments in COVER)
  • Yuichi Soejima (Founder of Wellplayed Rizest Inc. and a former executive producer at Activ8)
  • Shinichiro Sada (CMO of Aww, Inc., a virtual talent agency responsible for developing Belle—the lead character of the Mamoru Hosoda film of the same name—as a virtual human, as well as virtual personality and True5G brand ambassador Imma)
  • Kazuhide Hashida (Founder of Peraichi Inc.)
  • Takumi Ookoshi (CEO of Angel Round, Inc.)

In a press release sent to VTuber NewsDrop, forCreators shared comments from some of its shareholders:

  • FreakOut's Yuzuru Honda quickly expressed his intent to invest as the VTuber domain has the potential to create business worldwide.
  • HEROZ's Takahiro Hayashi was inspired to invest after being introduced to the idea of creating future talents, relating to his early days of founding a company.
  • Angel Round Inc.'s Takumi Ookoshi roots for the success of the newly-established agency.

Harry So, forCreators CEO, shared with NewsDrop his vision for the upcoming agency:

"At forCreators, we're dedicated to creating a dynamic environment where anime enthusiasts and diverse creators can excel as virtual talents. We invite our audience to join us in witnessing the emergence and ascent of new virtual stars through NEXAS."

When asked what NEXAS will become as an agency, So described it as a starting ground which aims to hone future VTuber talent.

"In the spirit of 'My Hero Academia', we're developing a fertile launchpad for the next generation of stars. With our planned auditions, we're excited to provide an environment that nurtures and elevates the aspirations of emerging talents."

With the vision of a startup and backing of early investors in Japan's VTubing scene, NEXAS promises to be a formidable force in VTubing in US & Canada.

"For industry professionals, NEXAS stands out as a driven and sincere venture, deeply rooted in the founder's extensive entrepreneurial experience and supported by top-tier investors. We are wholeheartedly committed to contributing to the expansion of the North American community, aiming to positively impact the broader industry landscape.

"NEXAS isn't just a participant in the industry; we're a transformative force, poised to introduce initiatives that will reinvigorate the entire realm of virtual talent. Stay tuned as we drive forward, poised to make a significant impact on the world of virtual talent."

Source: Press Release