V4Mirai to Debut Lunalia Generation on April 6

Meet the agency's 3rd generation of VTuber talents this Saturday PDT!

V4Mirai from Japanese entertainment holding company Brave group will debut its third wave of VTuber talents under the Lunalia generation Saturday, April 6.

The announcement was posted by V4Mirai on X/Twitter on April 1st, alongside the release of their debut song "Neon City 143" produced by DJ ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo).

Alias Anono

After trading her humanity, Alias has become a vessel for lost souls to possess in exchange for their book of life. Despite the possessions often landing her in trouble, to Alias the trauma builds her “character development arc.”

Her plan is to use her new archive and experiences as inspiration for her plays and transform herself into a better actress who refuses to hide behind a curtain.

Dr. NOVA(e)

The Number 1 scientist in the galaxy! (or so she says…) In truth, a mad scientist that got isekai’ed into the V4Mirai Magical School’s basement.

Strange sounds and smells come from behind her lab’s door but most of her classmates know better than to go snooping in there. After all, what happens in the lab…stays in the lab...

REM Kanashibari

  • REM describes herself as: a Sleep paralysis demon (British)
  • She's into: Revenge... naps. (Daylight savings took an hour of her sleep.)
  • The shortest of this batch (162cm or around 5'4").
  • Character Design: Muryo
  • YouTube · X/Twitter · Debut Stream
REM has a pillow full of dreams, despite being a dream eating sleep paralysis demon!

Stumbling her way through the human world, REM dreams to sing and share her voice with everyone in it! Enjoy her comfy company as she overcomes her greatest challenge yet—getting out of bed.

Yumi the Witch

The mischievous sorceress turning the V4Mirai Magic School upside down, ditching dreary classrooms for colorful circus escapades!

With a knack for chaos, Yumi's journey involves fiery potions, a cheeky raven, and a mysterious enchanted orb. Now, she's rocking the Magic School, rewriting her own story in sparkles and spells!

Debut marathon for V4Mirai's Lunalia generation starts Saturday, April 6 from 5:00 pm PDT (Sunday, April 7 from 9:00 am JST).

Before Lunalia, the V4Mirai universe saw the appearance of Mirai Magical School's Vee Sensei, who had her debut last March 18. She serves as the professor for all V4Mirai talents, as well as their "Talent Manager, Events, Social Media, [and] Camera Woman" as described in her Twitter bio.

Source: Press Release