VERSEⁿ’s Sera Alba Releases First-Ever Original EP

Sera Alba, one of the VTubers from Sony Music Entertainment Japan’s VERSEⁿ lineup, has launched her first-ever original extended playlist (EP) titled ‘Ego’. As part of the EP release, a lyric video for ‘Liar’ was released on August 10 at 8PM (JST).

Sera Alba’s ‘Ego’ EP is consisted of six original tracks, listed as follows:

  • Bloom (lyrics by Yuki Nagumo)
  • EGOIST (lyrics by Luiza; composition by Mas Kimura)
  • Liar (lyrics by Yuki Nagumo)
  • MONODRAMA (lyrics by Yuki Nagumo)
  • Scarlet Pulsation (lyrics by Baku Maruyama from ‘a crowd of rebellion’)

The ‘Ego’ EP was released digitally on August 10, and is now available across major music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, and LINE MUSIC.

Sera Alba, alongside fellow VERSEⁿ members Maru Nanamona, Hitoshiro Itsuki, Kagase Uno, and Kashi Otoha–debuted on November 19. The VTuber group is one of the many VTuber endeavors under Sony Music Japan, the others including VEE and PRISM Project.