Virtual Girl Nem's "Metaverse Evolution Theory" Intro Published in English

The book has been Nem's diverse take and explanation on the growing metaverse culture in Japan

The introduction to the book Metaverse Evolution Theory by Japanese VTuber and writer Virtual Girl Nem has now been published in English. The 5,000-word introduction is available at her official Medium page, and aimed at generating discussion about her book in the English-speaking community.

Metaverse Evolution Theory — Intro of A Book by a Native Inhabitant of the Metaverse is Published
Now I published a 5,000-word introduction part to my book Metaverse Evolution Theory — The New World of Liberation and Creation Thriving…

The introduction shows an excerpt of her insights into the metaverse, as being exemplified during a public viewing of Facebook's announcement back then in 2021 about its company rebranding to Meta and how will they introduce the concept of the metaverse through its company offerings.

In the excerpt, Nem also lamented that while the demonstrations were impressive, she and the other people in the virtual had been accustomed already to such premise of living in virtual spaces.

Zuckerberg spoke fervently about his Metaverse, explaining its concept and vision for its future expansion in a manner that even ordinary people could understand, all the while standing in the physical world in his physical body.

Meanwhile, we inhabitants of the metaverse gathered in a living room in the form of avatars that resembled anime characters, watching Zuckerberg on television.

This sight, like anime characters peering into real-world events, must seem surreal to those who have never been to the metaverse. You might not get it. But this is our daily life as inhabitants of this realm. The ‘virtual reality’ inside the metaverse is still ‘reality’ after all.

According to Nem, she also aims to have the book be noticed by English-speaking publishers. The book, available in Japanese, has been reprinted six times in Japan and has also received prestigious awards such as the Grand Prize in the IT Engineer Book Awards 2023's business book category and the 7th Most Shining VTuber of the Year in the MoguLive VTuber Awards 2022.

Virtual Girl Nem has been active in the VTuber space since 2017 and self-proclaims herself as the oldest independent VTuber. She has also aided in boosting discussion on the virtual scene in Japan by appearing on an NHK program in 2020, where she delivered the concept of “babiniku” (Virtual Beautiful Girl Incarnation) to households across the country. She also appeared on ABEMA News as a panelist debating on the reality of harassment in the metaverse.

Virtual Girl Nem – Medium
Read writing from Virtual Girl Nem on Medium. Japanese VTuber (Virtual YouTuber), Writer, Singer. Researching the culture of the Metaverse. The world’s oldest independent VTuber. Contacts on “About” page.”.

Subsequently, she has made numerous guest appearances on various TV programs and international documentaries and has been interviewed and featured in newspapers both in Japan and abroad. She was appointed as the inaugural “VIVE Ambassador” by HTC, delivering the future of virtual reality.

Last year, she provided information and advice on the metaverse to the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and the Cabinet Office of the Japanese government. She also gave lectures at the University of Tokyo and various academic events.

She has worked frequently with Swiss anthropologist Mila (Liudmila Bredikhina), most recently publishing the results of their ‘Harassment in the Metaverse’ report. VTuber NewsDrop also did an exclusive interview with the duo, explaining their takes on said report.

Spotlight: Nem x Mila and Their Quest on VTuber Research
We’ve sat down with researcher duo Liudmila Bredikhina and Virtual Girl Nem who recently released the results of their survey related to harassment in the metaverse.

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