Virtual Talent Academy Terminates Several VTubers for Info Violations

Current Students list updated—Activities are still suspended, and will resume once a new operation structure is set up.

ANYCOLOR's Virtual Talent Academy released a statement today (August 3) announcing the termination of the program for some members of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th batches of students for violating established rules related to the Academy, including thorough information management.

Following the end of the program for the affected students, the Academy has updated its list of Current Students and is reviewing its operations structure. All activities of the VTA are suspended for the meantime, but it will resume once a new operational structure is set up.

As of the time this story is published, the Current Students listed in the VTA website are the following:

Third Batch

  • Miyanaga Yuzuru (宮永由鶴)
  • Kitami Yuusei (北見遊征)
  • Naejiro Chiwa (苗代千和)
  • Shioriha Ruri (栞葉るり)

Fourth Batch

  • Ikumaru Arina (郁丸アリナ)
  • Kamiki Shuna (上綺朱南)
  • Kinano Kotoha (喜納ことは)
  • Kumabi Tokito (熊火刻人)
  • Kogarashi Filia (凩フィリア)
  • Sasaki Ness (榊ネス)

NewsDrop understands that videos and playlists of students who are not on this list have had their videos removed from public viewing.

(Siliconera reports that not all who are mentioned in the announcement got their names removed for violating rules, as a VTA student's content may be removed to prepare them for their debut.)

VTA announced on Twitter (X) July 24 that it will be suspending activities for a period of time due to various circumstances.

Virtual Talent Academy is described as ANYCOLOR's development project for virtual talents, offering opportunities to improve their skills and make the most out of their talents by leveraging the experience of NIJISANJI, one of the largest VTuber groups in Japan.

Former VTA graduates Ponto Nei (Ranunculus), Fura Kanato (VOLTACTION), Ishigami Nozomi (Idios) and Saiki Iitetsu (Oriens) have become NIJISANJI talents, as mentioned in its website.

Some VTA students not mentioned have also become NIJISANJI talents as well, including Umise Yotsuha, Amagase Muyu, Watarai Hibari, Shikinagi Akira, Seraph Dazzlegarden, Kaburaki Roco, Kuramochi Meruto, Usami Rito, Koyanagi Rou, and Hoshirube Sho.