VReverie's Cheri Lupina and Erika Byakko to Graduate

Both talents will be graduating on January 2024.

Singapore-based VTuber agency VReverie announces the graduation of its 2nd-generation talents Cheri Lupina and Erika Byakko. Erika will be graduating on January 7, 2024 and Cheri on January 28.

In a statement released on Twitter/X, VReverie gives its appreciation to Erika and Cheri as valued members with their unique traits and personality.

In their separate letters to their audience, Cheri said the decision to leave her fans (gemlins) is "incredibly hard," and while she does not regret her decision, she is deeply saddened by the fact that it had to be done in the first place.

Cheri Lupina is best known for her experiments with Live2D and also her own Live2D modeler. Her fame skyrocketed after being discovered through her YouTube shorts.

Such a decision was not an easy thing for Erika as well, who is proud to be a leader of her guild of Toraknights.

Erika Byakko made her mark by hosting gaming streams and inviting other VTubers to join her under the Weekend Gaming show, one of the few VTuber-hosted podcasts on Spotify.

Both of their channels will remain after their graduation, but all of their merchandise will no longer be available afterwards.