VReverie's Hotaru Iora Graduates

VReverie's pioneering VTuber has officially graduated, one year after announcing her indefinite hiatus.

VReverie has announced the graduation of one of its talents Hotaru Iora, who has been in an indefinite hiatus for more than a year since February 7, 2022:

"Hotaru Iora, who has been on an indefinite hiatus since February 27, 2022, has decided to leave due to her wishes of pursuing her own goals and interests, and seeking out new inspirations and challenges outside of VReverie," the statement reads.

The agency also said that existing content on her YouTube channel and social media will remain publicly available, barring potential removal due to inactivity.

Iora was VReverie's first VTuber talent, belonging to Generation 0. At the time of the announcement, she has 14,500 YouTube subscribers and around 2,800 Twitter followers.