VShojo's Ironmouse Included as Speaker for IDF's 2024 PI Conference

She will be joining on the first day of the conference in a panel discussion titled "Meet the stars of "Compromised," centered around IDF's upcoming documentary film.

VShojo's Ironmouse has been announced as one of the speakers for the upcoming 2024 Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) Conference which will be held from June 20-22 this year at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk in Chicago, USA. The conference is hosted by the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF).

Ironmouse is the sole VTuber from the conference's lineup of speakers. She will be joining on the first day of the conference in a panel discussion titled Meet the stars of "Compromised," joining other members including:

  • Shane Brisson
  • Kim & Ben Everett
  • Dionne Stalling
  • Victoria Medl (Student & IDF volunteer at Rutgers University)
  • Tracy Shaw, PhD (Chair, Board of Trustees at Immune Deficiency Foundation)

Compromised is an upcoming documentary film by the IDF which will feature stories of those who have benefited from the efforts and R&D of the foundation. The film will premiere on the conference's second day.

"Compromised" Documentary Film - Trailer

The film will be supported by Grifols, a pharmaceutical company specializing in blood plasma–based products. Another pharmaceutical company, Takeda, is also supporting the film and will be responsible for the film's story booth for the conference.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time IDF has tapped Ironmouse for its initiatives. In August 2023, the foundation featured the popular VShojo talent as one of their guests for their Undiagnosed podcast series, where she shared her story before and after her common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) diagnosis, and stressing the importance of using her platform to encourage plasma donation.

"Undiagnosed" Episode 3 - Featuring Ironmouse

Ironmouse has long supported the IDF, which included a charity event in August 2021 where she raised over US$100k, as well as during her 30-day subathon in June 2023 where she contributed half of all the subscription income to the foundation.

In 2022, she has been listed as one of the "heroes" of the Plasma Hero online community, for her contributions in raising awareness about CVID and encouraging viewers to donate plasma.

“Plasma is liquid gold to me. Without it, I get very sick, but with my regular infusions, I am able to live my life to the best of my ability. Plasma has given me an opportunity to live again.”

Her efforts have also made waves across numerous creators to support IDF's cause, including the efforts of her long-time streamer friend CDawgVA, when he raised $300K for IDF through a cycleathon back in 2022.

Source: 2024 PI Conference Official Website