VTuber Grimmi Launches Hot Sauce Brand ‘Saucy Biz’

Want to know what your favorite VTuber would taste like as a hot sauce? Grimmi is exploring that exact possibility with Saucy Biz.

VTuber merch typically involves a few prints, a couple of acrylic standees, and maybe a voice pack. Sometimes you can get some bigger apparel items or boutique crafts.

But hot sauce? That’s a first. However if you wanted to spice up your life with your favorite VTuber’s favorite flavors, that’s some Saucy Biz.

Saucy Biz is the passion project of Grimmi, the horror VTuber bringing (potentially) horribly hot heat to your taste buds. 

The launch on February 27 featured three flavors. You could opt for A Little Bit Of Torture, a serrano pepper-based sauce that is perfect “if you've ever wanted to feel just a little pain, but not too much.” Or if the horrors of becoming a VTuber are too real, you can taste that feeling with the habanero-based VTuber Brain Worms sauce.

And for those ready to take on Grimmi, you better be ready for her to fight back. The Grimmi Wants To Kill You sauce “inspired by that weird woman that lives in that weird house with her weird cat” is packed with carolina reapers which ramps up over time.

All three sauces are available online right now for shipping within North America, and they'll even be sold at upcoming conventions like Weebcon.

For the hot sauce aficionado Grimmi, it was a fun rabbit hole to dive into.

“I really like hot sauce, and eventually started obsessing about it to the point of neurosis,” she told VTuber NewsDrop. “I had about 50 in my house of different flavors and brands and really wanted to start making my own. 

“A lot of my VTuber friends like them too so I really enjoyed talking about which ones they preferred. It was really fun thinking about what flavors could be made, and what they could taste like if I were to start figuring out how to sell them myself.”

But with starting small shops like this, especially with food, there’s a lot of risk. How many bottles do you make? Is the recipe going to appeal to everyone? Is Grimmi really trying to kill us with carolina reapers?

Those fears were unfounded on day one though. The starter pack with all three sauces sold out within two hours, and the individual bottles are flying off the shelf.

“It's very nice people are so into it, it made me really happy,” she continued, “but also scared. It feels like things are going too well and something will go wrong soon. I'm always very nervous, but it's very possible things will continue to go well. 

“I haven't been in this situation before so I hope to learn what I need to and work hard to make it a nice company people have a fun time being involved with. It's wonderful, it seems like it's going in that direction!”

Grimmi's personal favorite of has plenty of heat.

No matter the direction Grimmi’s Saucy Biz goes, she’s going to be happy. More flavors and potential VTuber collabs have already been floated, as well as tying it into special events. So if you want to spice up your dinner while watching VTubers, there’s going to be a flavor for you.

“I'd like to help the hot sauce factory I've been working with more, ideally. We want to use a lot of what we make from the business this year to help sponsor other streamers and do special events. 

“I'd like to develop more flavors that make food more palatable. And for some people I know to also have hot sauces with them on it that they feel like represent them in terms of flavor ⁠— like some are cute and fruity, some are really insanely horrifyingly painful.”