Wrestler-VTuber Cornelius LOW Aims for Malaysia Pro Wrestling Championship Title

...and he's willing to do ANYTHING to get a chance to secure his spot at "Journey to Gold" this Sunday, October 29.

Even before his VTubing career, Cornelius LOW has been wrestling since 2018. One of his major achievements was becoming the inaugural Malaysian Pro Wrestling (MYPW) National Champion in 2020, just before the lockdowns kicked in.

Cornelius retained the MYPW National Title for 1,129 days until he got defeated in a 4-way match at MYPW's "New Breed" event last February, with Miles Karu winning what is now the unified National Wrestlecon Champion title.

When the initial title cards for the upcoming "Journey to Gold" event were released, the optimistic Cornelius was looking forward to getting the spot—only to feel disappointed as he was not included in the roster.

Unfazed, he's willing to do what it takes to get that chance. It just so happens that he is a mentor to 'Blazing' Raj, who was part of the roster. MYPW released promo footage Friday, confirming the plot twist:

Following this, we got in touch with the self-proclaimed 'Uptown LOWlife' to understand his drive.

NewsDrop: How important is the MYPW championship title for you?

Cornelius LOW: "The MYPW National Wrestlecon Championship is an opportunity for past meets present meets future. I have won the National Championship in the past, and have never held Wrestlecon Championship.

"As one of MYPW's wrestling pillars, this Journey to Gold tournament presents an opportunity to prove to all my miserable, self-doubting LOWlifes that I rise above all of you."

You've successfully swapped with Raj. Do you think that would affect your working relations with Raj?

"If anything, it improves it! The young lad will get to shadow me in this tournament! He should be kissing my feet for this grand opportunity! He won't of course, for he needs to carry me to the ring on his shoulders! What a fine lad!"

What would you like to prove in your match against (GrappleMax Singapore's) YC?

"I'm known as one of the best technicians here in Southeast Asian wrestling. Young YC will receive an absolute technical clinic from Yours LOWly. He probably will need an actual clinic once I'm done with him."

MYPW's "Journey to Gold" event is happening Sunday, October 29 at the KL City Arena. You can get your tickets directly through MYPW online.

Beyond this madness—if you want to learn more about Cornelius LOW and how he ended up VTubing, read/watch his interview on Behind the Model:

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