Xander Fangsworth Enters Lucid: Here's What We Know

In an exclusive interview, Xander lays out his plans regarding the transfer, including determination to find new direction.

Xander Fangsworth, formerly of RealCorpTV, has announced his transition to lucid Multimedia. The announcement was made on July 1st, days before the agency's expected attendance at the recently concluded Anime Expo 2023 event.

We spoke with both lucid Multimedia and Xander regarding this move, days after he debuted on July 8, as well as releasing his cover of KING.

What can we expect from Xander following his transit to Lucid?

As Xander makes his transition to lucid Multimedia, audiences can anticipate a shift towards more diverse content offerings. Our collaboration with Xander signifies our commitment to showcasing a variety of talents, including male VTubers, and expanding our reach into the music industry. Part of our strategic plan with Xander involves the regular release of music covers, aiming for at least one per month.
Xander Fangsworth's comeback stream following his jump to lucid

Is lucid now also venturing into tapping other VTubers (agency/indie) to be part of its lineup?

“The situation with Xander was rather unique; he expressed his desire to transition to our company, leading us to an agreement to acquire his IP. Although we've had instances where we've worked with VTubers from other agencies, we typically don't approach other agencies and simply request their talents—it's not standard practice.

“As for indie VTubers, we recently concluded the first round of our auditions, where less than 6% of applicants advanced to the second round, indicative of the competitive nature of the industry. We intend to continue nurturing our talents and broadening our Virsona pool.

“Should indie VTubers seek to collaborate with us—either through merch collaborations in our "Virtual Creator Collab" series or by joining our talent roster—we evaluate each case individually. Being self-funded gives us the flexibility to consider new talent based on our current needs and fit."

We also had the chance to ask Xander about the latest move as part of his VTuber career:

Could you tell us why you chose Lucid for your VTuber agency transit from your previous agency?

“Firstly, I do want to assure everyone that RealCorpTV was a wonderful environment. The CEO did everything in his power to provide us what we needed to be successful.

“The reason I transitioned to lucid Multimedia is very simple; after a few months of being a creator, I found a determination and a new direction that I wanted to take my content in.”
"Sad Boy December", an original song by Xander Fangsworth
“I understood that in order for me to execute these plans the way I would want called for a different field of expertise, one that lucid Multimedia had a level of support for that RealCorpTV would not be able to match.”

With you releasing your "King" cover before your comeback stream, what music projects can we expect from you?

“I have a lot of projects in the works, with KING being the first of many. After speaking with the CEO of lucid Multimedia, the plans I spoke of earlier have begun to conceptualize into something much more ambitious and exciting than I could've imagined - but I can't speak too much about that just yet.
“For now, I'll just say to expect releases from me on a monthly basis, if not more frequently, with a very big change in the future that we believe will have a huge impact on the way people correlate the title of 'Virtual Entertainers' with 'Musical Artists', and vice versa in the EN market. This is something I truly believe, from myself and the future members of NOCTURNES.”

Do you have a message to your new fans, as well as those who have previously stuck with you in the past?

“To the fans who have remained by my side, I am grateful. I apologize for any confusion regarding the path I was charting, and I appreciate your patience during my hiatus.

“To all my fans, both new and old, I want you to know that an exciting journey lies ahead for Xander. As we navigate through these last few months with Xander Fangsworth and the Fangsters, I hope you are ready to venture into the next chapter with me, evolving alongside my content.”

Banner Photo: Illustration by Diury