Yume Reality "Chapter 2" Wave to Graduate

Aika Meru, Kogane Keiya and Keroro Suika are set to graduate due to their busy schedules

Indonesian VTuber agency Yume Reality announced the end of its "Chapter 2" generation. In a statement posted on September 5th (Monday), Aika Meru and Kogane Keiya will officially terminate their contracts on September 30th (Friday), and Keroro Suika on October 3rd (Monday).

The graduation of the said wave is due to the busy schedules they experience in their daily lives, forcing them to end their activities as Virtual YouTubers and terminate their exclusive contracts with the agency.

Pre-orders for Yume Reality Chapter 2 merchandise on Tokopedia will be closed on Sunday, September 25. The Yume Reality booth inside Comic Frontier 15 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition this month will continue to feature their merchandise.

More details regarding the wave's graduation will be delivered through their respective community posts and social media accounts.

Banner Photo: Image Assets from Yume Reality website