ZenithVE to Debut PolyPlush Generation this April

Story of three talking plushies and their human caretaker will be revealed starting Monday, April 8

Two weeks after their debut, VTuber NewsDrop learned that ZenithVE talents and one of its managers have left the group and became independent. The original story is retained below.

VTuber agency ZenithVE takes their tagline "the softest VTubers on the scene" seriously by debuting a generation composed of plush toys.

PolyPlush, a generation of 4 new VTuber talents, will debut this April. Starting April 8, three talking plushies and one human caretaker will debut on YouTube.

Meet ZenithVE's PolyPlush Generation

Agency owner Kishimi Pengi told VTuber NewsDrop that PolyPlush's idea was something never done before in the VTuber sphere:

"The plushies was once human, they get turned into plushies and they will go through a healing process to become human again."

Ares Nanos

Ares Nanos (she/they) has been an integral part of our collection for a substantial duration, exuding remarkable kindness within the PolyPlush group. Notably, Ares exhibits a penchant for Artistic pursuits.

Laika Cream

Laika Cream (she/her), once a punk stage performer, now turned Ferret plush has taken residence at the Zenith Villa. Careful though, her words sting harder than her fangs!

Victor Bunsly

Victor Bunsly (he/him) stands out as the most impeccably presented member among them. He is in love with anything cute and sparkly.

Liliana Underwood

Liliana (she/her) serves as the Caretaker for the Zenith Villa, assuming the role of Provider. Liliana is a Model who holds back for no one if it means keeping her babies safe.

More details about this different spin on a VTuber concept will be laid out by ZenithVE on its X/Twitter page.