ANYCOLOR Just Released Its Latest Financial Report: Here’s What’s Significant

ANYCOLOR's latest financial report offers investors not just an overview of their VTubing business but also trends that help shape their presence in the wider VTuber community.

ANYCOLOR, the entertainment startup that handles VTuber agency NIJISANJI, has just released its financial results for the first quarter of their business, slated for 2023. Ever since ANYCOLOR has been listed at the Japan Exchange Group (JPX) on June this year, the company has provided financial transparency reports of their operations.

Its latest financial report offers investors not just an overview of their VTubing business but also trends that help shape their presence in the wider VTuber community. Aside from talent growth, the financial report also notes its initiatives to grow their VTuber agency business, from live shows to brand integrations.

ANYCOLOR Set Straight to Tap English-Speaking Demographic

A very notable observation that can be made in their report is how much ANYCOLOR has set their business target to be more directed towards a much larger, English-speaking demographic. Despite being a Japan-based VTuber agency, NIJISANJI has debuted more English generations than rival agency Hololive.

In their report, its NIJISANJI English branch had turned them around 807 million yen (around 5.6 million US dollars) for the fourth quarter of 2022 (Feb 2022 - Apr 2022). The English branch then turned over 1.630 billion yen (around 11.32 million US dollars) of revenue for the first quarter of 2023 (May 2022 - Jul 2022) towards ANYCOLOR.

The large revenue generation of the NIJISANJI English branch can be attributed to a trinity of factors: the basic live streaming of its talents, commerce such as merchandise and voice pack purchases, and promotions like game sponsorships, event attendance, and brand integration.

At the moment, NIJISANJI English has six generations, the latest of which is ‘ILUNA’, which debuted on July 24 this year.

On The Launch of Successful Business Ventures

ANYCOLOR has focused on their financial report several cases of their successful business ventures over the past few months, ranging from a mixed media project launch to VTuber debuts.

One of the most notable cases in recent NIJISANJI updates is the debut of Hyakumantenbara Salome, who reached the 1 million subscriber milestone thirteen days after her debut. Debuted as part of NIJISANJI celebrating of reaching the 1 million subscriber milestone, Salome has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Data from Playboard shows that she has earned 23,693,518 JPY (around 165,000 US dollars) in super chats for around 30 days.

Meanwhile, NIJISANJI has entered into its first-ever mixed media project alongside media conglomerate Kadokawa. The project, named Lie:verse Liars, will feature several Nijisanji VTubers as characters in the story, and each have their own voice actors being cast for future projects.

How Employee Breakdown Affects VTuber Business

ANYCOLOR has also included in its financial report a breakdown of what composes their staff, and they are categorized in four ways: business, designer, engineer, and corporate.

You would think that corporate would be the most prominent type of job there is within ANYCOLOR, especially with the number of legal troubles the agency has been facing in recent months. However, it is worth noting that business-related employees are the most active employees in the business.

Going back, we have mentioned that the company retains a three-pronged approach to earn as much revenue, and it is understandable how much business-related employees they would need to run the various revenue channels: from communicating with potential brands and organizations to partner with, handling commerce logistics for order, accounting the revenue for each talent per revenue stream–all these comes together with the large amount of business people within ANYCOLOR.

Disclaimer: As per request by ANYCOLOR, not all details of the report are included here, in relation to its ‘Investor Relations’ confidentiality mandate. However, the financial report is published in their website: