Brand New Company's HEYU Agency Reveals RE:NEGADE Virtual Talents

Meet the new virtual music trio as they debut this August 31

Brand New Company, home to the AURA and ECHO esports teams, as well as online entertainment network !rregular Programming, launched its new virtual agency HEYU today, August 8 in the Philippines.

Its first-generation talents, RE:NEGADE, will debut on August 31.

RE:NEGADE is composed of rebel robot rapper Jacki3, siren songstress Gemi9, and vampire sorceress rockstar Ru VII.

Away from the common VTuber trope, the RE:NEGADE trio is described as "your friendly neighborhood punks." With music at its core, the stars share their stories—their collection of heartbreaks and pursuit of dreams.

[From left to right] Jacki3, Gemi9 and Ru VII.
  • Jacki3 (say Jackie) is a robot brought back to life after a criminal past struggling to live a normal life, trying to navigate through it without a manual. They also try their damnedest to not lose what’s left of them that’s human, and that is their love for music.
  • Gemi9 (say Gemi-nine) is a siren from the underworld who wants to find a safe place to sing her own music. Despite facing self-doubt and enduring unfortunate encounters in pursuit of her dream in music, it remains her solace and driving force to move forward. (While she is a siren, it is emphasized that she's not a mermaid).
  • Ru VII (say Ruvii, or Ru the 7th) is a half-blooded vampire and a full-blown sorceress seeking repentance from a regretful decision in the past. Music being the only connection to her real family, she wonders if wounds really heal over time.
  • A central figure to the HEYU story is Mugen, a talking bunny from heaven, who alongside the HEYU team dedicates themselves to empower every young upstart, be relentless in pursuing their dreams, and doing it in the coolest way possible.

RE:NEGADE debuts on August 31 from 7:00pm Manila time on YouTube, starting with Jacki3, followed by Gemi9 and Ru VII.

HEYU is defined through two meanings: "Heaven-Enforced Youth" and "Hope for Every Young Underdog." For more details, visit or follow HEYU on social media (Twitter (X), Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube)

Source: Press Release