Sicklings Put Hex Haywire at One of Metro Manila's Popular Ad Spots

We take a look at the fan project organized for the NIJISANJI EN star

Fans of NIJISANJI EN star Hex Haywire prepared something special for his birthday on Tuesday, May 7.

The goal: Put him in one of the metro's prime ad spots.

Two fan projects were successfully funded by fans: The first was at the SM Mall of Asia globe in the travel city of Pasay, and the other one at Glorietta inside Makati's busy business district.

We were able to meet the Sicklings who spearhead the project at the Mall of Asia globe Saturday, May 4. Said ad spot is in front of one of the world's largest malls.

Sicklings know Hex Haywire as the Counselor of the XSOLEIL Institute of Infinity; but aside from that, there are certain traits that endear him to the project leads VTuber NewsDrop have spoken to.

One fan we spoke to fell in love with his baritone voice, as well as the way he talks with chat.

This birthday fan project, named "Hari ng Mundo," (King of the World) was derived from a conversation between Hex and the Sicklings.

"Hari ng Mundo" kicked off September last year, but was resumed around December. After 5 months of preparations and call for support (including a clutch move before the deadline), organizers were able to finally put the VTuber in the globe, just after fan ads from supporters of Kpop group TREASURE, which held their Manila comeback concert at the adjacent Mall of Asia Arena.


Happy Birthday Hex Haywire! (May 7)

♬ Aggressive, stylish dubstep(873667) - MASK G

We were informed that it costs a five-figure sum to put anyone at the ad spot for a night, and it will cost around six figures if they want to see him every night for 7 days.

For a single night, Hex Haywire was seen all over one of the busiest iconic landmarks for a single night. Sicklings were at glee seeing their idol, sharing photos online.

Organizers whipped up a video clip to the tune of Ayumu Kasuga's "America ya˜," showing their finger puppets of the NIJISANJI star on camera.

The birthday celebrant acknowledged it: "This is beyond incredible, I was trying to avoid any birthday spoilers but this is just... 🀯 You all literally gave me the world."

Organizers may have other plans for the future, which means that this won't be their last fan project.

Hex Haywire is the fourth VTuber to be put solo at the landmark LED globe, after fellow NIJISANJI EN star Millie Parfait, HOLOSTARS Japan's Astel Leda and local indie VTuber Kaheru Orange. Luxiem also showed up in December 2022.

Aside from this and the previously-mentioned ad display in Makati, fans have put Hex in several parts of the world including the TSX Times Square and bus wraps in Taiwan. The latter three are coming from Si.Co's "Born from a Wish" project.