Four Nijisanji Indonesia Talents to Graduate

ZEA Cornelia, Taka Radjiman, Siska Leontyne, and Amicia Michella are set to graduate this year—mark your calendars for their individual graduation dates.

Four Indonesian talents of VTuber agency Nijisanji are set to graduate. They are ZEA Cornelia, Taka Radjiman, Siska Leontyne, and Amicia Michella.

The graduation schedule of the talents are as follows:

  • Zea Cornelia: May 14, 2023
  • Taka Radijiman: May 28, 2023
  • Siska Leontyne: June 15, 2023
  • Amicia Michella: July 16, 2023

In the company's public statement posted on its @NIJISANJI_ID Twitter account, Nijisanji said that following the graduation of said talents, all of their social media accounts will be closed immediately. Moreover, merchandise sale of these talents will halt immediately as well, and fan letters to said talents will be stopped a month after the graduation.

  • The agency notes that Zea Cornelia and Taka Radijiman have been the agency’s first overseas talents and had been vital to Nijisanji’s initial plans to expand outside of Japan.
  • The agency added that Siska Leontyne has been a ‘well-loved’ VTuber in Indonesia, known for her free talk streams, as well as multiple VTuber collaborations.
  • Lastly, they wrote that Amicia Michella has been loved by her fans through her frequent horror game streams, as well as horror story talks. She has also helped other talents through creating illustrations, among other things.

Virtual automaton idol ZEA released her personal statement on Twitter, sharing that she felt it's time to close this chapter of her journey, seeking for what she want to do next outside of Nijisanji.

Taka, CEO of the fictional company Mitaka Solutions, thanks his fans for all the times and support for the past three years, and is grateful for every second of it, hoping that fans enjoyed the ride as much as he did:

Siska was seen replying to fellow VTubers individually following the announcement, and given the outpouring support, she was unable to reply to everyone. Still, she cheers up everyone: "Let's do our best till the end."

Amicia is currently working on her final projects for her followers having three months left and commits to streaming more before she graduates.

ZEA Cornelia and Taka Radijiman debuted alongside fellow member Hana Machia in September 2019, and have been known as the trio 3SetBBQ. On top of her commitments at Nijisanji, ZEA is also known as a frequent guest host on AFA Station TV organized by Singapore-based events company Sozo.

Siska Leontyne was part of Nijisanji Indonesia's fourth wave alongside Bonnivier Pranaja and Etna Crimson and were known to be the 3FicLite.

Lastly, Amicia Michella was part of Nijisanji ID's second wave alongside Rai Galilei, Riksa Dhirendra and graduated member Miyu Ottavia; together they are known as CloverMcOver.

The news comes just one month after the agency terminated English talent Zaion LanZa in March this year.

Talent Assets: Nijisanji website