HIMEHINA is Now Part of Brave Group

Operating company Studio LaRa integrates management with major VTuber player; affirms no change in creative freedoms

Studio LaRa, the operating company behind the successful virtual singer duo HIMEHINA (Hime Tanaka and Hina Suzuki) has integrated its management with Brave Group (VSPO!, RIOT Music, Palette Project, V4Mirai).

Brave Group in a press release dated October 31 said that the integration was done in order to fully support the duo's activities. The company states that HIMEHINA's business operations will continue under Studio LaRa's management, while benefiting from Brave Group's functions which include business management, systems and overseas development.

Photo Handout from Brave Group / PR Times

Keito Noguchi, Brave Group representative director, is very happy to accept the studio as part of the company, saying that he has a lot of respect for its creativity.

The integration was made in response to the talents' Budokan Declaration at their one-man live concert "Chochin koukou, natsu wo yuku" held at Sonic City Omiya last August.

Mr. Nakajima, representing HIMEHINA's management team at the studio, assures fans and viewers in a separate statement posted on the talents' website that:

  • The talents' policy on its activities will not change at all, and Studio LaRa's creative priorities will remain the same.
  • Hime and Hina will not be placed in a disadvantageous or constricting situation.
  • LaRa staff will not be restricted in their creative activities, and
  • Financial and administrative "neatness" will become a reality.

Brave's acquisition of Studio LaRa comes at a time when HIMEHINA has been looking for a way to "get things right" as a company, and it is fortunate that the holding company agreed to give the talents their full support.

Mr. Nakajima told their supporters (referred to as JOJI) that while the talents and the studio have undergone a transformation, their responsibilities remain unchanged.

HIMEHINA has reached 770,000 YouTube subscribers with a total of over 200 million views. Their third album "Chochin Ankou" (提灯暗航) released last May ranked no. 1 on the Oricon Digital Album ranking, as well as the top spot on the iTunes and mora Hi-Res album rankings.