V4Mirai To Debut Petalight Generation on November 11

The new talents—Biscotti, Mono Monet, Yae Yugiri, and Kou Mariya—were announced after a slew of cryptic clues and games laid out by V4Mirai.

V4Mirai, the US-based VTuber group under Japanese entertainment holding company Brave Group, has unveiled its newest generation named Petalight, and will debut this November 11. You can check the full trailer for the new generation below:

The new generation was slowly revealed after the group mysteriously launched an alternate reality game (ARG) for its fans under its code name V4MRG, where it invited fans to "solve the strange occurrences that have been appearing lately," allowing fans to "earn a spot at the prestigious Mirai Magical School."

Timeline of the V4MRG ARG Hunt

On October 8, V4Mirai published a supposed 'sketch video' featuring its current talents Abi Kadabura and Serina Maiko. However, midway through the video, viewers were met with a series of cryptic scenes featuring a series of numbers flashed throughout.

Later on, the group released a special site for its 'Mirai Magical School', where it invites viewers to input a passcode to the site. Once the numbers from the video were put in order and entered to the site, viewers are then directed to a special Discord server where fans can continue to discuss solving the puzzles.

  • Many clues to the would-be members were released, which include teaser videos embedded on recent streams by Abi and Serina, as well as solving a special puzzle on the special site. Once solved, the users are led to a special 'burner' Twitter account depicting the lore of the would-be talents.
  • The 'burner' accounts, which included Vampire Melodies, HorsePastry, Claude Collage, and Shinobi Surprise (not reflective of their actual names), continued to share more cryptic puzzles to their fans, which led to a countdown to their debut and clues to their appearances.

On October 13, V4Mirai published another cryptic video depicting more clues to the appearance of their talents:

Then, on October 21, all of the burner accounts posted "Wanted" posters of their respective would-be talents, saying "Photographed or Alive." This was to entice fans to get a glimpse of the would-be talents during the second day of TwitchCon 2023.

Meet The Talents

Kou Mariya

Identification: Ageless Otaku Vampire
'Burner' Clue Account: Vampire Melodies
Debut Stream
: Friday, November 11th, 4 PM (PST)
YouTube | X (formerly Twitter)

  • Prior to joining V4Mirai, Mariya is already an indie VTuber who recently celebrated her third year anniversary. She already hinted of her move to V4Mirai by sending an alert to her US-based followers of her announcement.
  • Interestingly, during her recent TwitchCon experience, she remarked how she was not able to recognize Twitch CEO Dan Clancy, sharing that she chatted with him on an elevator, lamenting that she was lost during the convention.

Mono Monet

Identification: Artist Extraordinaire
'Burner' Clue Account: Claude Collage
Debut Stream: Friday, November 11th, 4:45 PM (PST)
YouTube | X (formerly Twitter)

  • During the initial clues about the talent, her first tweet on the burner account alludes to the origins of Nintendo as a playing cards company, alluding that the talent itself could be a gaming nerd.
  • She "warns" her followers that despite her calm appearance, she has a 'dark and twisted mind', and that she is 'very dangerous'.

Yae Yugiri

Identification: Ninja Revivalist
'Burner' Clue Account: Shinobi Surprise
Debut Stream: Friday, November 11th, 5:30 PM (PST)
YouTube | X (formerly Twitter)

  • Fun Fact: Yae also has a mask on, as shown in her first tweet (which she immediately apologizes for due to being nervous).
  • Even before her debut, we can now get a glimpse of how her model works (and how her outfit...well, just see it for yourself.


Identification: An Actual Horse
'Burner' Clue Account: HorsePastry
Debut Stream: Friday, November 11th, 6:15 PM (PST)
YouTube | X (formerly Twitter)

  • We didn't expect that her first tweet would reference ketamine, an anesthetic used medically for induction and maintenance of anesthesia. She claims that the staff approved her first tweet, though we might need to double check it.
  • And yes, being an actual horse, she wears her headset correctly, despite it being very awkward.

Source: Official Press Release