Kitsune Cafe Sets Milestone for Philippines' VTuber Fan Events

VTuber NewsDrop has covered several cafe events organized by VTuber fans, but this latest event is one step higher.

VTubers are initially those you frequently chat with on stream, some you can shake hands with, but having several Filipino VTubers in a maid cafe setup? This must be the peak VTuber experience.

This is the setup of Kitsune Cafe, a VTuber fan event which serves as a maid cafe AND a fan meetup held on a sunny Saturday at the heart of the nation's capital Saturday, May 4.

Kitsui Akira (Kiichan), who already made a local milestone as the first Filipino VTuber to set up her own 3D concert last year, leads this project together with her team of moderators and several of her Pinoy Virtual Bahay (PVB) colleagues.

Aside from Kiichan, Dasu, Maddie, Eggy Tamagoki and Hoshino Spica served as maids for the said event.

A menu was already prepared in advance. Most important to note was the headpats are given free of charge.

VTuber NewsDrop asked several participants on the scene. First was FAAC, Kiichan's right-hand and the one on top of that day's overall activities.

We understand that the cafe concept came from a brainstorming session addressing the need to have a special event for their fans. FAAC credits this maid cafe idea to a certain team member named Henry.

Another person we spoke to was Tachii, my seatmate who dressed up as the fox VTuber specifically for the said occasion. As a fan, Tachii felt the experience very well: Being served by, given headpats, and having his cosplay praised by her idol makes him happy.

Kakigori Mochi, another fan we've spoken to, knew Kiichan since the time she got popular for her multilingual cover of 热爱105°C的你 (Love you at 105°C, also known by its first lyrics "Super Idol"). Having attended maid cafes at local events in its early days, the experience was revitalizing for him, as this time, he's able to meet her oshi.

Aside from the food, drinks, and fanservice, games were served at the cafe. The games hosted by KiraKiraKat, a VTuber who is also a host by profession, consist of the following:

  • Who can greet birthday celebrant Kaheru (coincidentally having her birthday the same day as the event) the longest
  • Trivia games both for the casuals and those deep into their streams of all the participating maids.

Two sessions were held to accommodate the fans, noontime and afternoon. A variety of customers were present, from fans, VTubers and even artists.

Kiichan thanks everyone for joining, and hopes that they enjoyed the fan meet. We understand that an encore could happen depending on the success of this event; however, the fans we spoke to are keen to attend again.

In the interest of time, those who are concluding their afternoon session were showered with headpats as they exit the venue, adding a cherry on top to their VTuber fan experience.