Liliana Vampaia 3D Model Fundraiser Goal Reached

Over 100 backers helped reach the goal 7 days before the campaign ends.

Malaysia-based MyHoloTV agency announced that the goal for Liliana Vampaia's 3D model fundraiser has been reached, 7 days before the campaign ends.

A total of US$5,040 has been pledged by 70 contributors on fundraising website FundRazr. In turn, those who pledge have the following benefits such as:

  • Both online and offline live performance
  • 3D version song cover release
  • Virtual Photo Session with Fans
  • Creating private events with Fans in a virtual world (VRChat)
  • Full-body live-streaming

Proceeds from this fundraising campaign will be used to produce Liliana's 3D model and enhance her motion capture suit, as well as allocate for video editing, and live events. The tentative date of rewards is set for January 2023.

Half-human, half-vampire Liliana started her VTubing journey in June 2020 as a way to find a cure for her Otou-san who was cursed to live as a bat forever after breaking rules in the vampire realm.

She is part of MyHoloTV's MonstarZ generation alongside Lunaris Urufi, Virion Kisei and Thai VTuber HORI 07.