Multiverse Monarch Releases Music Video for Metamorphosis

Multiverse Monarch, the VTuber persona of American voice actress and singer Amanda Lee (AmaLee), has released a music video for her track “Metamorphosis”. The song is the third track of her first original album under her Monarch VTuber persona titled Rise of the Monarch.

Monarch has also released music videos for other tracks in the Rise of the Monarch album, including “From The Embers”, “Drink Your Light”, and “Villain Vibes” featuring Hololive English’ Mori Calliope. Rise of the Monarch was released digitally on June 24. Fans can also pre-order a physical copy of her album on her official website, estimated to be shipped around September.

AmaLee debuted her Monarch VTuber persona on December 11, 2021. Outside of her VTuber work, she is known for her English cover songs of popular anime tracks, as well as providing vocals independent video game soundtracks and theme songs. One of her most notable song contributions was for the track “Fellow Feeling” by American DJ/producer Porter Robinson, which was included in his first album “Worlds” in 2014.

AmaLee has also provided voice acting roles for English dubs of several anime titles such as Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, My Dress-Up Darling, SSSS.Dynazenon, Kageki Shojo!!, Girls' Frontline, Odd Taxi, among others.