MusicDrop: Miya Bares Message of Rising Up With First Original "Stardust"

MusicDrop recently spoke with Miya about what she wants fans to think of her first original, as well as learning her insights on making the track.

As MusicDrop makes its comeback this 2024, we are proud to share our very first story of this year, and this time putting focus on the original track "Stardust" by indie VTuber Miya.

Miya, who was previously with Project F's Stygian unit up until its dissolution in December last year, released this song at a pivotal time on her career as a VTuber: making the courageous step of continuing her VTubing activities independently, and this truly reflects on the messaging she sings about on her first original.

MusicDrop recently spoke with Miya about what she wants fans to think of her first original, as well as learning her insights on making the track.

What's The Song's Theme?

Q: Given that this is your first-ever original song, what themes did you consider while co-writing the lyrics of this song alongside Xin Asura?

Miya: "Considering 'Stardust' was not only my first original song but my first song release in general, it was important to me to me to pick a topic that will generally resonate with me, my experiences and views for a long time.

"I also wanted it to match with the theme of Miya as a character and tell not only my, but also her story.

"Lastly it was important to me to write something others could relate to as well and make sure that they have a song to go back to, when life feels overwhelming. All of those thoughts combined created 'Stardust': An anthem to give hope even in the most difficult of times."

How They Worked on This?

Q: Aside from the lyrical direction, fellow VTuber Xin Asura also did the mixing and composition of the song. Could you tell us more about the creative direction both of you did for the song?

Miya: "I was so glad I got to work with Xin on the song. I just sent her general ideas for the lyrics and the genre, and she got back with a demo so quickly! Working with her always feels very smooth and is a lot of fun!

"We had to lower the original key twice since my natural voice is quite deep, but after we figured that part out, the base of the song was finished. Afterward, I just had to write the rap part.

"In the end, we simply fine-tuned some ad-libs and some smaller parts of the song. It was such a nice and uncomplicated process and gave me a way to connect to Xin early on! It also really felt like we had no real hurdles during the process since we kind of understood each other’s ideas and input right away."

"Stardust" Is a Message of Rising Up

Q: How does 'Stardust' resonate with you now that you continuing your VTubing activities independently?

Miya: "Having the agency I worked for break down and having to fight to keep my IP (all of it happening during Christmas) was an extremely difficult time.

"During those days I joked about the song being very on point. It was like a self-fulfilling prophecy, especially since the debut and original release of Stardust was so close to the breakdown of the company.

"But just like the message of my song: 'Even if I fall, I will rise up'.

"Suddenly going indie after just starting as an agency VTuber is extremely scary. At first, I felt lost and scared for my future. I was unsure if I was able to handle all of this on my own. But now I am stronger than I ever was before, and I am doing things that were not possible before as well!

"It was not possible to get the song released on Spotify during my time in the agency, so as soon as I was signed out, I opened a Spotify artist account and planned a release for 'Stardust'!

"Since then I released another cover, am releasing my first merch soon, am also working on a VTuber talk show and so much more! I am doing everything I was not able to do before and am so excited for my future now."

What Advice This Song Gives?

Q: If there is a key message you want fans and new listeners want to get from your first-ever original track, what would it be and why?

Miya: "Life will get hard sometimes. And there will be times when you are not even sure if you can get through it. But if you are on the ground, the only way to go afterward is up! It does not matter how hard life seems, it will get better. Always!

"So don’t give up just yet, give it another chance. Wait just a little longer. Everything will be fine."

We thank Miya for her invaluable time to quickly respond to our questions. "Stardust" is currently up on her YouTube channel, as well as on her Spotify page.

Song Credits

Vocals: Miya
Composition/Mixing: Xin Asura
Lyrics: Miya, Xin Asura
Music Video: RFN46