Remaining Project F Talents Leave Agency Following Management Fiasco

The remainder of the agency's talents have announced their departure from the agency and will become independent VTubers.

Days after Southeast Asian VTuber agency Project F responded to allegations regarding its agency management and the former departure of Lorelai Loch, the remainder of the agency's talents have announced their departure from the agency and expressed their interest to become independent VTubers.

The remainder of the "Stygian" unit, Aishii Ai and Miya Mareena; as well as older talents Xin Asura and Aozora Furia have stated that they will be rebranding moving forward as indies in their VTuber journey.

In a recently-concluded stream by Aishii Ai, she stated that with her departure from Project F, she was given all of her IP constituting the "Aishii" character. She also added that the departure was also influenced by the recent agency management fiasco Project F got itself into.

"Due to Project F's history and how the recent controversies were handled, I was left in a place where I don't feel comfortable to keep streaming within Project F. So because of that, Project F and myself have agreed to transfer all intellectual property regarding the character 'Aishii Ai' to me. This was a mutual agreement and as of today, it is in effect."

She also hinted that the agency will be releasing a statement regarding the agency's future, but also stated that "she can't speak on behalf of anyone there."

"This is something that Project F themselves promised to the community through a statement on Twitter and also on Discord as well, actually. I'm really thankful that this was offered to me and appreciate that they went through with it. I believe that Project F will release a statement of their own regarding the agency's future but I don't know what this will entail, so I can't speak on behalf of anyone there.

Xin Asura, Miya Mareena, and Aozora Furia have also released their own short video statements about their move as independent VTubers, echoing the same message that they have acquired their respective IPs and will continue streaming as these characters moving forward. Added discussion about this move will be further explained at their respective streams in the following days.

This latest update makes Project F's "Stygian" unit only last for over a month, since its debut around November this year.

Project F to Debut ‘Stygian’ Wave on November 11
Project F’s “Stygian” is composed of talents Miya Mareena, Lorelai Loch, and Aishii Ai.

The latest news comes after Project F had addressed a handful of management allegations concerning them, which included its fiasco with its former talent Lorelai Loch, who has now rebranded as Stabi Tabi. In their statement, they have also addressed other concerns such as the departure of an ex-staff member, the hiatus of former talent Solus Ataraxia, and the graduation of its former talent Kawakami Kuwa.

Update as of December 29, 12:15 AM [Manila Time]: Project F has announced that it is ceasing its operations. The agency did not elaborate on its reasons of stopping its operations, but it has reiterated that transferring the IPs of the VTubers to their respective talents was "in accordance to their wishes." It has also encouraged fans to support these talents moving forward.