Project F to Debut 'Stygian' Wave on November 11

Project F's "Stygian" is composed of talents Miya Mareena, Lorelai Loch, and Aishii Ai.

As of December 2023, Project F no longer exists. The original story continues below.

VTuber agency Project F has announced the debut of its second wave called 'Stygian', which will commence this November 11. They are composed of talents Miya Mareena, Lorelai Loch, and Aishii Ai.

The new talents add up to the agency's existing Celestia wave, consisting of talents Aozora Furia and Xin Asura. In a previous interview with Project F with NewsDrop, the agency looks forward to providing "unique experiences" for its fans through new debuts and collaborations:

"Audiences can look forward to potential debuts not limited to Generation releases, but extending to dynamic duos, talented V-Singers, and a myriad of other innovative ventures that may currently be unexplored. We prioritize the pursuit of unique experiences that set us apart from other agencies in the industry."

Meet The Talents

Miya Mareena

YouTube | X (formerly Twitter)

  • While she started off her Twitter posting by being a goofball, it was clear that she was "taking slander" already from senpai Xin for undisclosed reasons.
  • Interestingly, she also teased that they will be also discussing how they got involved in the process of designing their models. Needless to say, we're looking forward to her explanation why she has two gorgeous eye colors.

Lorelai Loch

YouTube | X (formerly Twitter)

  • Her first tweet is...let's just say an unexpected welcome and a surprise. However, she later tweeted that she got offended after recent preview teasers of her depicted her being short. Just...admit it Loch (laughs).
  • We're still uncertain what her lore is: is it being a horse, a Loch Ness monster, or as this poll says: a kelpie?

Aishii Ai

YouTube | X (formerly Twitter)

  • Even before her debut, we are getting blessed already with her little audio clips worthy of a voice pack. Keep 'em coming~
  • But what's more important is that we are also blessed with a full depiction of her whole model, truly depicting her full cyberpunk-isque energy.

Source: Official X (formerly Twitter)