The Foundation for Project F's VTuber Talent Management

Project F is put on the Spotlight, sharing its story to NewsDrop: "Our role is to act as a bridge, connecting talents with the right opportunities and tools to succeed."

This is an interview from July 2023. As of December 29, 2023, Project F is no longer in operation.

Project F is just among several VTuber groups based in the Southeast Asian region, but as with any group we put on the Spotlight, there must be something unique in it. We first discovered the group following their active promotion on social media, especially on Twitter.

On this feature story, we learn what's inside Project F straight from the team itself, as it opens its doors for aspiring VTuber talents.

What is the Vision of Project F?

But first, what is Project F, and what is its goals in the VTubing scene?

"The vision of Project・F, or Project Foundation, is to seamlessly merge the realms of virtual talents and real-world talents under our agency. Our goal is to create unique entertainment experiences by nurturing talent, ensuring they reach their full potential, and collaborating with brands across the globe to deliver unmatched experiences to audiences worldwide.

"We aim to be an agency that eventually propels virtual talent to the same level of visibility and recognition as that enjoyed by traditional talents. By providing our talents the support where creativity knows no bounds, we hope to create opportunities for talent growth, brand evolution, and genuine audience connection."

How did Project F start?

Most VTuber groups started sprouting during the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Project F was no exception.

"Our journey began amidst the uncertainty of the 2020 Covid Crisis—an upheaval that shook the foundations of the entertainment industry. Many companies went under whilst talents were constricted to perform. Our CEO, then managing a pool of impeded talents, found himself at a really hard spot.

"The dissolution of their former company was a grave hit, yet, it was through this adversity that one of the darkest periods inspired a beacon of hope. Upon witnessing the resistance offered by the V-Tuber Industry amidst the crisis, our CEO envisioned a new form of entertainment.

"The idea of Project F came during a time of significant adversity and transformation – the 2020 Covid Crisis. The entertainment industry was heavily impacted, with many companies struggling to adapt to the new conditions and subsequently folding.

"Seeing our own talents unable to perform was a harsh reality check. Then, we discovered the world of virtual entertainment, specifically V-Tubing and the unstoppable rise of Hololive's English entry.

"We recognized that this was a new form of resilient entertainment that allowed talents to perform from their home, reaching out to millions of viewers globally. This planted the seed for what would become Project F - a virtual talent agency that embraces change, continually adapts, and empowers individuals to pursue their dreams."

Prior Experience in Talent Management

We checked their LinkedIn page and it says that it "has past experience in talent management." We asked them why is this important.

"Our past experience in talent management is crucial as it equips us with valuable insights and strategies. Having navigated various challenges in the talent management or entertainment industry in general, we've understood the importance of cultivating an environment where talents can thrive.

"Our role is to act as a bridge, connecting talents with the right opportunities and tools to succeed. We believe our performers are our greatest assets, and we strive to unlock their full potential.

"We also believe that mental health is an utmost important thing when it comes to performing in the entertainment industry. Our past experiences with handling such issues allows us to be connected with the right resources and team to assist and manage the issue."

Project F's Work Culture

Given that their auditions for Generation 2 are open, we asked them directly what their work culture is.

"In Project F, we believe in innovation, diversity, and empowerment. Our work culture promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration, idea exchange, and mutual respect. We encourage each member to bring fresh ideas to the table, fostering an environment of creativity and continuous learning.

"Our work culture also thrives on collaboration, creativity, and adaptability. We promote an environment of expression and experimentation that allows our members not just to perform but also to evolve continually. With a global team working across different time zones, we value the flexibility and unity that binds us all as we pioneer the rise of virtual talents.

"Lastly, we believe that every team member's voice stands significant, valuing their unique perspectives in shaping our collective future."

What makes Project F Unique?

Each agency has its set of unique traits—and we'd love to know what makes Project F unique.

"We'd love to answer what makes us unique from two perspectives - our talent and our viewers - we are redefining expectations.

"Concerning our talent, we maintain a flexible approach, acknowledging the multifaceted nature of talent. For instance, we welcome not just solo streamers but also duos, real-life streamers, and streamers from non-gaming backgrounds. In our auditions, we encourage a broad spectrum of prospective talents.

"Our belief is that V-Tubing should be more inclusive, reaching beyond the prevalent focus on gaming and singing. We strive to cultivate an environment that encourages the exploration of a wide range of streaming genres presently unexplored in the V-Tubing sphere, as an example of this, one of our streamers Xin Asura, previously did a stream where she ate variety of 'Questionable' Street Food."
"We actively encourage our streamers to explore new sorts of activities that provide a unique approach to V-Tubing.

"As for our viewers, they can anticipate a more versatile viewing experience that extends beyond gaming in the future. Our long-term ambition is to seamlessly integrate our virtual talents into everyday activities."

Future Expectations of the Agency

To wrap up, what should we look forward to Project F doing in the future?

"Audiences can look forward to potential debuts not limited to Generation releases, but extending to dynamic duos, talented V-Singers, and a myriad of other innovative ventures that may currently be unexplored. We prioritize the pursuit of unique experiences that set us apart from other agencies in the industry."

Project F's audition for its Generation 2 talents is open—visit their website for more details.

Thank you to the team at Project F for taking time to answer our questions.

Banner Photo: Project F website