MyHolo TV Debuts New VTuber Generation ‘TRIDOXA’

Malaysian VTuber agency MyHolo TV has announced the debut of its newest VTuber generation called ‘TRIDOXA’. The group will debut on November 6 this year, and will also release an original group song titled ‘Our Brand New World’ on the debut date.

You can check the promotional video for the TRIDOXA lineup below:

Meet MyHolo TV’s TRIDOXA Roster

Woozie Wannai

Liola Lightbringer

Karrot Keromi

MyHolo TV currently consists of VTubers Liliana Vampaia, Virion Kisei, and Lunaris Urufi. Meanwhile, graduated and defunct talents include Manaka Umio, Marica Bellerose, and Athelia Hiroyuki. Past talents Miori Celesta and HORI 07 have since then moved on to become indie VTubers.

Source: MyHoloTV Press Release