Mysta Rias Announces Shock Graduation From NIJISANJI on August 27

Mysta Rias is graduating from NIJISANJI EN on August 27, becoming the third English VTuber to leave the agency this year.

Mysta Rias has broken his own graduation news before anyone else, with the Luxiem star announcing his impending departure from NIJISANJI on August 27.

The news came out of left field with an impromptu stream on July 23, beating out even NIJISANJI’s own announcement on their official Twitter.

And to all of those who are wondering if it’s bait, the star’s very serious words cut through the noise: “This isn’t an act to get relevant. I am actually graduating.”

Mysta explained his graduation has been months in the works, even planned before Nina Kosaka’s recent graduation from the agency.

“We mentioned to each other that she was one of the first ones to talk to me about her graduation. The reason why is because my graduation was going to be a long while ago. I had decided to graduate before she had ⁠— around five months ago. It’s been a long while.

“Everyone in EN has known about me graduating for a long while. I talked to all of Luxiem, Nina, Mika, Rosemi, Selen, Fulgur, Kyo, Ren…”

There are still plenty of upcoming projects Mysta is working on before he graduates from NIJISANJI. He is honoring all his convention appearances, and pulling through with the original song.

"Staff said you can leave but you signed up for these conventions, do you want to do them? I decided I wanted to complete all my current conventions. I said I was going to complete all of them, and they said I wasn’t going to complete all of them until the end of August, and that’s fine.”

However there are some concessions. There will be no 3D debut, which was meant to come during the Colors AR Live which was binned back in February. He’s also leaving behind his legacy as one of the first NIJISANJI EN members to break one million subscribers.

“Basically guys, I’ve solved all the mysteries and problems in this city, and I’m moving to another one,” he continued.

“I haven’t felt the drive for, I don’t even know how long man. A long time. Going back to that candle analogy. My candle has been burned all the way down to the base, and it’s been at the base for half a year.

“Yes I burned out, but I burned out maybe seven or eight months ago and I have not been able to recover even 1% since then. I’ve tried positive reinforcement on myself, asking people around me for advice. If you look at my VODs, you know I’ve tried to get out of burnout. But I don’t think it’s burnout, I think I’m just done.”

Mysta will be privating all his VODs except his graduation stream. Memberships will close on August 27, with fan mail submissions ending a month later on September 27.

“This is my decision and I’ve taken a long time. After talking to half of EN, some outside of EN, I’ve come to the conclusion ⁠— I came to it a while ago. But it wasn’t an easy task. That's how it is.

“I want to get it clear that I know it seems rushed on your guys’ end, but this has been a long time coming for me, and everyone in EN. People had less time in the company to process Nina’s because her’s was quicker. She decided it and within a month stuff started moving.

“For me, it’s been a very slow burn.”

NIJISANJI in their own statement said "Mysta debuted in December 2021 and attracted fans from all over the world with his unique contents and creativity.

"We wish him the best on his next journey, and we cannot thank him enough for all his hard work and achievements as a NIJISANJI EN Liver."