Nina Kosaka to Graduate from Nijisanji EN July 8

Fox mom set to depart from Nijisanji EN to pursue her own growth

Nijisanji EN's Nina Kosaka is set to graduate from the group on July 8, 2023 Japan time.

The agency's official Twitter released its official statement: "Since her debut in October 2021, Nina has been a big part of Nijisanji EN's journey and we cannot thank her enough for all the hard work and dedication she has given throughout her time with us."

  • After July 8, 2023 (Japan time), Nina will cease her VTuber activities.
  • Her YouTube channel, Twitter and other social media accounts will be made private.
  • Sale of her merchandise and voice contents will be stopped gradually.

In a separate statement posted on her Twitter, she stressed that it was her decision to leave:

"[...] As exciting as this experience was, it was also overwhelmingly humbling. I began to realize there was a gap forming between what my fellow livers were delivering, what I wanted to deliver, and what you all deserved.

"I wasn't able to perform up to the standard I had set for myself, and so I came to the conclusion we have her today—I will be departing from Nijisanji EN to pursue my own growth, to develop my skill and talents without the pressure of performing every day at a standard below my aspirations and goals. [...]"

Nina, of the agency's third wave Ethyria, hosted a live chat stream an hour after the announcement was released. She further pointed out that she does not want to talk about her graduation in a serious matter after the said stream.

  • The fox mom had already informed her colleagues of her announcement, most especially her genmates who understand her reasons for her departure.
  • She is also aware that her announcement comes days after the group debuted three new talents and is genuinely sorry that her announcement came around the same time as the new wave.
  • Regarding her YouTube content—she has set expectations with her fans that they will be able to watch her content at least a month after her graduation.
  • Hours after the formal announcement, she is still a trending topic on Twitter with 19,800 tweets posted in the platform.