Phase Connect's KALEiDO Generation Debuts January 27

The first Japanese generation from the Canadian VTuber agency debuts starting January 27

Canadian VTuber agency Phase Connect is landing in Japan for the first time, as it debuts its first Japanese generation, KALEiDO, starting this Saturday, January 27.

Phase KALEiDO consists of Yuu Ayase, Memory Kokoromo, Clara Kaminari, Pico Gram and Loki Kannagi.

  • Yuu Ayase 絢世ユウ: Ultra super genius detective (YouTubeTwitter/X)
  • Memory Kokoromo 恋衣めもり: Fairy who already released a cover of MAISONdes' Love Trap Muchu ft. asmi, Three (YouTubeTwitter/X)
  • Kaminari Clara 歌美鳴クララ: Kurofune showgirl who will also debut her first single BIRIBIRI Be with U following her debut stream (YouTubeTwitter/X)
  • Pico Gram 倉夢ぴこ: Freedom-loving pomeranian (YouTubeTwitter/X)
  • Kannagi Loki 巫ロキ: Goddess (self-proclaimed) who already released her lore video produced by creator team Shinkai (YouTubeTwitter/X)

Pico, Yuu and Memory will debut on January 27, Saturday starting at 7pm; while Clara and Loki will debut January 28, Sunday starting at 5pm (Japan time).

To mark the occasion, the agency has placed simultaneous ads at 5 screens within the Shibuya crossing until January 28, Sunday.

Phase KALEiDO is currently being promoted across 5 screens within the Shibuya crossing and will last until January 28, Sunday. [Phase Connect via PR Times]

Phase Connect also debuted its latest English-speaking generation, Euphoria, December 17 last year. Once the KALEiDO talents debut, Phase Connect will have a total of 27 active talents in their roster.

The debuting talents are not the only Japanese stars in Phase Connect, as Utatane Nasa, Shisui Michiru and Hakushika Iori are Japanese VTubers.

The agency has received the Rising VTuber Organization title from the inaugural VTuber Awards last year after receiving the highest number of votes in the said category.

CEO H2oSakana revealed in a Q&A session that the agency continues to reinvest in its growth by offering new content, new talent generations and related things.