Phase Connect's Euphoria Generation Debuts December 17

Meet five new VTuber talents from Phase-Connect's newest wave!

Phase Connect announces the debut of five new talents under the Euphoria generation: Saya Sairroxs, Runie Ruse, Muu Muyu, Hikanari Hina and Eimi Isami.

The talents will debut on December 17 starting at 3:00pm Pacific Time.

Meet Phase-03 Euphoria

Saya Sairroxs

  • Saya described herself as "always hot and bothered," but much is yet to be discovered from this new talent aside from having a spunky aura.
  • Debut stream: December 18 / 8am Japan time ยท Twitter/X

Runie Ruse

  • Runie tells her story: "So I broke a few rules, betrayed a few gods... can't a girl have any fun?" She said that she also has an army of demons.
  • She has released an English cover of Mori Calliope's Future Island.
  • Debut stream: December 18 / 8:45am ยท Twitter/X

Hikanari Hina

  • The soft-voiced Hina is "praying for the both of us!"
  • A friendly version of the debut trailer has been provided by Phase-Connect, with Hina's outfit covered.
  • Debut stream: December 18 / 10:15am ยท Twitter/X

Muu Muyu

Eimi Isami

  • Eimi is a hamster who appears human. She said she is a cheese enjoyer, which could be a stereotype given the recommended cheese diet for actual hamsters is the size of a pea.
  • She has already released a quick cover of FIFTYFIFTY's hit single Cupid, showing her singing prowess.
  • Debut stream: December 18 / 11am Japan Time ยท Twitter/X