PRISM Project Reveals Three Indie VTubers as Gen 7 Agents

A major milestone for PRISM, meet the new agents on June 29, Thursday.

As of April 2024, PRISM Project no longer operates as a VTuber agency. The original story continues below.

PRISM Project, one of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)'s virtual talent brands, announces that they have acquired independent VTubers Mako Sameshima, Nana Asteria, and Emma Oumiya.

  • The three VTubers will compose PRISM's 7th Generation of talents, the third and final set selected from its 2022 General Auditions.
  • It describes the 7th Generation as a departure from their previous talent debuts, as they have acquired three currently active talents who have their wealth of skills and experiences and dedicated, long-time communities.
  • These factors, the agency said, will open the door for future opportunities for their careers as virtual talents.

Meet PRISM's 7th Generation Agents

Human-mershark queen Mako Sameshima was known as the joy of the sea, and while she was curious about humans which led her to rise out of the water and into the land, the land didn't change her.

  • "Don't worry, I won't bite!" Her goal is to make as many friends as possible and bring together a large community.
  • Currently, the sharksprite is partnered with Advanced.GG and Vite Ramen, and is into hammerhead sharks, idols, and psychology.
  • What she does best: Communicating, Among Us, making people laugh
  • She has released her 2021 single Guide You Home on Spotify.

Galactic being Nana Asteria has already made a name in the indie scene. As a magnum opus of the "Song of the Galaxy," she is fated to reach out to the farthest ends of the universe and bring peace to all who hear it.

  • Having lived on earth for so long, she faced a tranquil life filled with sorrow and happiness. As the world's darkness covers her in despair, she remembers her reason for being—her goal is to become a singer who can show the light in the dark with her voice.
  • She likes: Whales, sad songs, shojo manga. What she does best: Guitar, ukelele, piano, songwriting, bringing cheerful energy everywhere.
  • In a previous interview with Anime Trending, she shared her experience working with PRISM as the lyricist and composer for PRISM Gen 3's Prismatic Dream: "[...] They are very hard working, very talented, and it was the first time I felt like my abilities as a songwriter were recognised. That was a huge confidence boost for me and it made me feel just very grateful. [...]"
  • She's also on Spotify, where you can listen to her hit track SHOW YA.
  • She will also debut a new model alongside the major announcement.

Like Nana, demon queen Emma Oumiya is also an established independent creator. Once a revered guardian angel of the kingdom of Alteria, she fell into grace and became the dungeon boss. Her entry to PRISM is the second time that she will be part of an agency.

  • Her goal is to make music, to dominate the world one event at a time, and to have 100,000 peasants show up to challenge her at the final stage of her dungeon.
  • She likes: Cats, food, fan creations, sleeping, Sanrio (especially Cinnamoroll)
  • What she does best: Gaming, creative content, storytelling, ASMR
  • Similar to Nana, she also worked with other PRISM agents: She was part of the "Whose VTuber Line is it, Anyway?" segment at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2022 with PRISM agents Naki Kamizuki, Yura Rikudou and Sara Nagare.

They will hold their debut relay live streams on Thursday, June 29 starting 6:00pm PDT.

Seventh Generation Debut is Another Milestone for PRISM

Producer Shogun comments that this new development is a milestone:

"With the additions of Mako, Nana, and Emma, PRISM Project is taking a leap forward in aiming to create a virtual talent industry where virtual talents can achieve their goals and dreams of building professional careers as talents while–if they so choose–being able to maintain the communities, stories, and history they have built up as independent creators.

"PRISM Project is dedicated to assisting strong, highly motivated talents who have proven their desires to grow and develop in the business areas in which the Sony Music group is traditionally strong.

"Sony Music has nearly sixty years of experience in developing musical artists, voice actors, and other prominent entertainers both within Japan and around the world, and one of our goals at PRISM Project in the next several years is to enable our talents to take advantage of the vast, global opportunities available only to Sony Music talents."

With the success of their General Audition, PRISM will now institute an Open Audition policy, making their doors open to any interested applicants who believe in their potential as virtual talents to apply any time during the year and will be considered in a rolling basis.

Source: Press Release / Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.