Selen Tatsuki, Top NIJISANJI EN Gamer, Terminated

NIJISANJI EN has terminated its contract with its Obsydia member Selen Tatsuki effective Monday, February 5.

NIJISANJI EN has terminated its contract with one of its talents Selen Tatsuki effective Monday, February 5 Japan time.

The agency's official statement cited multiple breaches of her contract and misleading statements on social platforms:

  • Non-compliance with rights confirmation and authorization flows which could lead to infringement of third-party rights
  • Unauthorized usage of works and assets belonging to others affiliated with ANYCOLOR, disregarding the intention of these parties
  • Lack of communication with creators resulting in delays in Selen Tatsuki's commission payments to creators
  • Inappropriate behavior by Selen throughout her time as a NIJISANJI EN liver
  • Disregarding warnings from management, often failing to reciprocate communication with her managers

The company added that she has been issued warnings each time there was a violation of activity rules.

ANYCOLOR's Activity Rules were designed to prevent infringement of third-party rights, leakage of confidential information, damage to the reputation and credibility of third parties, other acts which may violate rights, engage in illegal activities, or involve socially-condemned behaviors. Its talents agree to comply with these rules.

In May 2023, Selen was issued a notice stating that any further violation of the Activity Rules or engaging in false or misleading statements that could damage the company's reputation could lead to her contract. They said however that Selen continued to violate the said rules.

Selen's YouTube channel was wiped out of content, and her Twitter account was locked from public viewing moments prior to the termination announcement, which can be considered among a few well-detailed public letters made for such purpose.

Prior to her termination from NIJISANJI EN, her management has taken down her cover of Lilypichu's Last Cup of Coffee, hours after it was released on December 25. The move prompted her to allow everyone to reupload the said cover, which was participated by multiple artists. Two days following that incident, she informed her fans (Dragoons) that she was hospitalized, only to be discharged before New Year's eve.

A month has passed since her last update and NIJISANJI EN said nothing regarding her status, which heavily concerned the Dragoons and forced them in a position to ask the management publicly on Twitter/X, under the hashtag #WhereIsSelen.

A detailed timeline from the company's part was also laid out, from when Selen posted a music video on her YouTube channel without management approval.

It was also revealed that management was in discussion with Selen's legal counsel regarding their actions, and sets expectations for her to comply with the rules.

However, Selen demanded that ANYCOLOR be held legally responsible, claiming that she is no longer continue as a NIJISANJI EN talent and was being harassed by other affiliated talents due to mismanagement.

The full details shared with the termination announcement details that management kept Selen's mental well-being in mind, however, they also said that Selen refuses to acknowledge responsibility for violating the Activity Rules.

Management Understands Termination Brings Significant Impact

NIJISANJI EN management regrets to have Selen terminated as the relationship between the talent, ANYCOLOR and its affiliated talents deteriorate. Despite this, the company stands firm that they and their other talents have not engaged in unjust practices towards Selen, as well as the upholding of their Activity Rules.

They understand that this termination brings significant impact on Selen's fans and NIJISANJI EN's supporters. They are asking fans to understand the circumstances of this decision.

Aside from the cessation of Selen Tatsuki's activities, her YouTube membership will be closed. They will gradually stop the sale of her merchandise. However, produced merchandise from 2023 which features Selen or include her participation may be released in the future, citing that payment for these items have been completed or planned to be settled by end of this month.

Selen Tatsuki's Legacy

As a dedicated member of NIJISANJI EN's Obsydia generation alongside Petra Gurin and Rosemi Lovelock, Selen made her mark in today's VTuber history by opening the window to collaboration with other NIJISANJI members, indepedent VTubers and in extension even HOLOSTARS members.

Selen together with HOLOSTARS English's Regis Altare and Axel Syrios formed Team Snake Bite as they participate in the final VTuber Most Cooperative Tournament (VSaikyo) organized by Neo-Porte's Shibuya HAL.

Their collaboration will eventually lead to hosting the TSB HoloNIJI Apex Custom match participated by 48 hololive, HOLOSTARS and NIJISANJI stars and supported by the game's publisher Electronic Arts.

As a regular APEX Legends player, the Lunar Sky Dragon was previously a former Top 500 Apex Predator ranked player. She also reached Top 500 in Overwatch in 2022.

Another admirable aspect of Selen is her ability to gather her fans together for several major projects, including the ones hosted on VRChat like the NIJISANJI Express and Obsydia Crossing.

Before Pomu Rainpuff organized an unforgettable Oto no Naru Houe group cover, Selen gathered 30 NIJISANJI EN fellows for #NIJIWWE and the historic Wrestlesanji, two major events that made great use of WWE 2K22's character creation tools. Humor was at a high especially with Wrestlesanji, which reached a 27,000-viewer peak.

She alongside VShojo's Ironmouse were the only VTubers nominated in The VTuber Awards 2023 to receive multiple awards—as Gamer of the Year and Best FPS VTuber.